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City Auditor
Temporarily Closed

455 N. Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Update: August 11, 2021: The City Council voted at its June 24, 2021 Study Session to transition the City’s auditing function to an independent outside firm and close the Internal Office of the City Auditor. Until a new auditing firm is selected, the Trust and Innovation Portal, which includes its reporting hotline (310-288-2847) and email address ( will be frozen beginning August 13, 2021.

Anyone who submitted a case between July 1, 2021 and August 12, 2021 will need to resubmit their complaints after the new auditor has been identified.

Confidential information collected from any previous TIP cases will be held in confidence by the City Attorney. 

The City will provide the public with information regarding new reporting procedures in the near future.

Our Mission

To advance accountable, efficient, and effective government through independent and objective audits that ensure the community receives the highest quality services, and ensure that public funds are expended in a transparent, and appropriate manner.


Our Values

Act with high ethics, integrity, independence, and objectivity.

Provide timely, objective, fair, and accurate reviews of City programs.

Propose achievable solutions after identifying areas for improvement.  

Work collaboratively with staff to achieve results that improve governance.

Adhere to Government Auditing Standards.

Fully commit to every project.


Our Authority

The Office of the City Auditor is an independent office that reports to and is accountable to the City Council. Under Beverly Hills Municipal Code Title 2—Administration, Personnel, and Procedures, Chapter 3, Article 13 Office of the City Auditor:

The City Auditor shall have authority to conduct financial and performance audits of all departments, offices, boards, commissions, activities, and programs of the City in order to determine both independently and objectively whether:

  1. Programs and activities have been appropriately authorized and are being conducted and funds expended in compliance with applicable laws;
  2. The department and/or staff are acquiring, managing, protecting and using resources, including public funds, personnel, property, equipment, and space economically, efficiently, equitably, and effectively and in a manner consistent with the objectives intended by this Code, State law or applicable Federal law or regulation;
  3. The City, programs, activities, functions, or policies are effective, including the identification of any causes of inefficiencies or uneconomical practices;
  4. The desired result or benefits are being achieved;
  5. Financial and other reports are being provided that disclose fairly, accurately, and fully all information required by law, to ascertain the nature and scope of programs and activities, and to establish a proper basis for evaluating the programs and activities including the collection of, accounting for, and depositing of, revenues and other resources;
  6. Management has established adequate operating and administrative procedures and practices, systems or accounting internal control systems and internal management controls; and
  7. There exist indications of fraud, abuse or illegal acts which require further investigation. (Ord. 17-O-2736, eff. 10-6-2017)

The City Auditor will conduct performance audits of City departments, offices, and agencies in accordance with government auditing standards. The audits may assess internal controls over financial reporting and evaluate how well the City complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations; achieves stated goals and objectives; reports financial and performance information (reliability); efficiently and effectively uses resources; and safeguards and protects assets.


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