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How to Become a Commissioner

The City Council recommends that individuals interested in serving on a City commission first participate in the Team Beverly Hills Residential Educational Program to become acquainted with the City operations.  When commission vacancies occur, notices are published in the local newspapers and posted on this webpage. 

When a vacancy is announced, application forms are available and may be obtained from the City Clerk's Office by calling (310) 285-2400.  Copies of the applications are also available on the Current Commission Vacancies webpage.

Applicants must be residents of the City for a minimum of two years prior to filing an application.  The residency requirement does not apply to certain Architectural Commission and Human Relations Commission positions.  In order to meet the residency requirement, applicants must demonstrate that they are entitled to register to vote in Beverly Hills Municipal elections, but applicants are not required to be registered voters. 

Applicants may only apply to one vacancy per application cycle.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, applications can be submitted through the City's website, mailed or dropped off at City Hall. Printed applications will require wet-signatures; online submissions will not.  

Additional Facts about the Commissions:

  • The Commissioners receive no monetary compensation in any form.
  • Elected officials in Beverly Hills are prohibited from serving on any of the twelve (12) Commissions.
  • The Commissioners are prohibited from serving on more than one Commission simultaneously.
  • Any person appointed to a Commission or Committee (other than the Sunshine Task Force Committee) shall not have been a legislative advocate/lobbyist as defined in Section 1-9-102 of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code for at least two years prior to the start of the Commissioner’s term and once appointed, shall not function as a legislative advocate/lobbyist while serving on a Commission or Committee.
  • A Commissioner must wait one year after the end of the Commissioner’s term before applying to another Commission other than the Planning Commission.
  • Former Commissioners who have served two successive terms are not eligible to apply to the same Commission.

Unless otherwise stated, the foregoing regulations apply to all twelve (12) Commissions of the City of Beverly Hills.



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