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Legislative Advocate (Lobbyist) Registration

Legislative Advocate (Lobbyist) Registration Homepage

Lobbying occurs when someone, regardless of title, is paid to influence a City action on behalf of another person or organization. To ensure the public is informed about significant levels of lobbying activity, City law requires those who qualify as lobbying entities to register with the City of Beverly Hills and disclose a variety of information, including their clients and the City actions they attempt to influence.

The City of Beverly Hills Municipal Code (BHMC) states that any paid Legislative Advocate that engages in communication with the City must fill out a form for that project within 10-days of being hired by the client.  

Click here to view the five ordinances that the City Council has passed governing lobbyist activity in Beverly Hills.  

Register as a Legislative Advocate (create an online account)

View or Search Current Legislative Advocate Registrations (August 2014 - present)

Legislative Advocate (FAQ) – Forthcoming

Legislative Advocate Administrative Hearing FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

To report violations please contact the City Clerk's Office or 310-285-2400. 

If you would like to view forms prior to 2013, please contact the City Clerk's Office.

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