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Commissions Health and Safety Commission Current Commission Initiatives
Current Commission Initiatives

Commission Initiatives YR 2015

The Health and Safety Commission's main focus for YR 2015 is Active Healthy Aging. The focus is on Healthy Lifestyles, Mind/Brain Health and Vaccinations. 


Healthy Lifestyles

Engaging in a healthy lifestyle requires you to take steps in positive behaviors in different aspects of everyday life such as eating healthy, being active, protecting yourself and family, managing stress, and getting check-ups on a regular basis.

Additional resources can be found through the following links:


Healthy Brain

Being physically active and participating in social activities and engagements are crucial in maintaining a healthy brain. 

Additional resources can be found through the following links:



The scope of the Commission's outreach includes vaccinations for children, adolescents and adults. The Commission supports any efforts that would maximize the protection of the community through vaccinations. The Commission is committed to educating community members about the benefits of vaccinations and alerting them to the individual and global health consequences of preventable and dangerous diseases. Community members are encouraged to discuss vaccinations and re-vaccinations with their health care professionals. 

 Vaccination vs. Immunization 

A vaccination is what gets administered to the body and immunization is the process that occurs in the body after the vaccination. 

Who and When?  

There are specific vaccinations that individuals should receive beginning as early as at birth. The following are suggested schedules that can be used as references. 

Additional resources on vaccinations and immunizations can be found on the following webpages: