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Financial Information and Ratings Report
Financial Information and Rating Reports
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This website provides general financial information about the City of Beverly Hills (“City”) and its outstanding bonds and other obligations. The information is provided for quick reference only and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy the City’s bonds. It is not a summary or a compilation of all information relevant to any particular financial transactions, bonds or other obligations. It does not purport to include every item that may be relevant, nor does it purport to present full and fair disclosure with respect to any financial transactions, bonds or other obligations related to the City within the meaning of applicable securities laws and regulations.

The information presented on this site speaks only as of the date it was posted or, if such information is dated, as of its dated date. The City does not undertake continuously to update materials posted on this site. Developments may occur after the dated date or posted date of such information that could render it inaccurate or unreliable. Any of the information on this website may be removed at any time.

Certain information has come from other sources that are not developed by the City, and the City presents that information for convenience only. The City does not guarantee the accuracy of any such information and undertakes no responsibility to verify any of that information. All information on this website has been obtained by the City from sources believed to be reliable but no representation or warranty is made by the City as to its accuracy or completeness.

By choosing to proceed and view the financial information on this website, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this Notice and Disclaimer.