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Community Development Building & Safety Plan Review
Plan Review

The purpose of a building permit is to ensure that new structures are structurally sound and safe for human habitation. Building permits are ministerial in nature, meaning that so long as the proposal complies with the Building Code, a permit will be issued.  The City of Beverly Hills has adopted various Building Codes over time, and currently uses the 2010 California Building Code as it's guiding principle.

A building permit is a license that grants legal permission to start construction of a building project. Permits allow the enforcement of the codes that have been adopted as law the State of California and they provide the means for code officials to inspect construction to ensure that minimum standards are met and appropriate materials are used. You have an investment in the home or business you are about to build or remodel, when that home or business building does not comply with the codes, your investment could be reduced. The City cannot design or prepare your documents for you. If you do not know how to prepare construction documents, you should consider hiring a licensed contractor, designer, licensed architect, or licensed engineer.

In the State of California, building is a privilege not a right. Much in the same way you need a driver's license to drive a motor vehicle, you need a building permit to construct. In general, a project must be submitted with construction drawings and a completed Building permit application. Submitted construction drawings or plans must show all proposed work and details.

Many projects are eligible for over-the-counter plan review, while others require plan review submittal.  To schedule an over-the-counter appointment with a Planner or Plan Review Engineer, or a plan review submittal appointment with a Development Services Technician, please call (310) 285-1141 and select Option 2. 

Plan Review Staff Directory

Staff Name Title Phone Number Email
Erik Keshishian Supervising Plan Review Engineer (310) 285-1164 Send Email
Azita Motamen Sr. Plan Review Architect (310) 285-1151 Send Email
Rick Skosnik Plan Reviewer (310) 285-1152 Send Email
Ron Otamura Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Plan Reviewer (310) 285-1159 Send Email