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Community Preservation enforces Beverly Hills Municipal Code provisions regulating residential multi-family rent stabilization. It also handles rent control complaints, answers inquiries, and refers tenant and landlord inquiries and complaints not addressed in the Beverly Hills Municipal Code to the appropriate agency.

There are two rent control ordinances, both in Title 4 of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code: Chapter 5 Code and Chapter 6 Code  both of which can also be consulted online at the Municipal Code website for Chapter 6 and the Municipal Code website for Chapter 5.  All tenants of apartment and duplex units will fall under one of these two existing regulations. Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization does not apply to single-family homes, condominiums, or commercial buildings/space. See the note at the bottom of this page for referral to the Landlord Tenant Handbook.

Chapter 5 Tenants

  • Tenants whose most recent lease or rental agreement stipulates a move-in rent of $600 or less per month are Chapter 5 tenants. (See Note below.)
    Call 310-285-1031 to hear the current allowable Chapter 5 rent increase.
    The maximum allowable Chapter 5 Rent increase for November 2015, is 0.5% 
    Chapter 5 Tenants FAQ

Chapter 6 Tenants

  • Tenants whose most recent lease or rental agreement stipulates a move-in rent of more than $600 per month are Chapter 6 tenants. (See Note below.)
    The Chapter 6 rent increase may be any percent from 0% to a maximum of 10%**
    Chapter 6 Tenants FAQ

** The rent increase is calculated on the rent being paid when the increase goes into effect, not on the starting or move-in rent.

Beverly Hills does not require that interest be paid on security deposits.

Consult the CA Tenants 2007 Update for additional information regarding noticing requirements to end a periodic tenancy under certain circumstances.

NOTE:  The determination of whether a tenant is covered by Chapter 5 or Chapter 6 regulations is based solely on the initial rental amount stated in the most recent, valid lease or rental agreement and not on the current rent amount which is the result of rent increases over time. For example, a Chapter 5 tenant's current rent may be $1200 per month because the rent increased over time due to annual increases; this tenant remains a Chapter 5 tenant if the rent stipulated in the most recent valid lease or rental agreement was $600 or less per month.

Landlords' Special Notice Requirements 
Effective December 18, 2004, landlords are required to provide a minimum 24-hour notice prior to the execution of a lease or rental agreement to any tenant whose rent will be $600 or more per month.  The notice will advise the prospective tenant of certain rights of both the tenant and the landlord.  You may view and download the document in EnglishSpanishFarsi, and Korean.

Questions? Call (310) 285-1119, or submit a question online at Ask Bev!

LA County Department of Consumer Affairs Rent Stabilization

For all issues not covered under the local Beverly Hills Chapter 5 or 6 Rent Stabilization Code Sections, as well as for all civil, lease-related issues, please refer to the State of California's Department of Consumer Affairs California Tenants Handbook. This invaluable reference may be viewed at the link below.  The PDF booklet may be downloaded for future reference. Contact the local Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Rent Stabilization information at (213) 974-1452. 



Page updated September 22, 2015