Local Register of Historic Properties

Beverly Hills Register of Historic Properties


» No.1 Beverly Hills Hotel

» No.2 Virginia Robinson Estate & Garden

» No.3 Beverly Hills Women's Club

» No.4 Greystone Mansion

» No.5 Beverly Hills Post Office

» No.6 Anderton Court

» No.7 Karasik House (Report on file with Community Development Department)

» No.8 The Witch's House

» No.9 Waverly Mansion

» No.10 Hilton Office Building

» No.11 Locke House

» No.12 Beverly Hills City Hall

» No.13 Fox Wilshire-Saban Theatre

» No.14 Anthony-Kerry House

» No.15 Millard Sheets Artwork Installation

» No.16 McGilvray House

» No.17 Harry Cohn Estate

» No.18 Beverly Wilshire Hotel

» No.19 Slavin House

» No.20 Beverly Gardens Park

» No.21 Beverly Hills Water Treatment Plant No.1

» No.22 The Helms Estate

» No.23 Beverly Gardens Apartments

» No.24 Writers and Artists Building

» No.25 Joe E. Brown Residence

» No.26 Ahmanson Bank & Trust Building

» No.27 Will Rogers Memorial Park

» No.28 Kronish Residence

» No.29 Celluloid Monument

» No.30 Gibraltar Square - Kate Mantilini Building

» No.31 Clock Drive-In Market

» No.32 Rosenstiel Residence

» No.33 Salkin Apartment Building No. 2

» No.34 Samuel Goldwyn Estate

» No.35 Fine Arts - Ahrya Theater

» No.36 Vance Residence 

» No.37 Union 76 Service Station

» No.38 Weller-Schreiber Apartment Building 

» No.39 Gindi-Birnkrant House

» No.40 J.B. Hurd Residence

» No.41 Wilshire-Rexford Office Building

» No.42 David O. Selznick Residence





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