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Beverly Hills Local Register of Historic Properties

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Historic Resource Surveys

The City of Beverly Hills Community Development Department is undertaking its citywide historic resources survey to identify places of social, historical, and architectural significance. For additional information, please visit www.beverlyhills.org/historicsurvey
Director's Determination

Director's Determination of Ineligibility for Landmark Designation Administrative Guidelines In order for property owners to have certainty relative to the historic status of their property, Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 10-3-3204 requires a procedure whereby the Director of Community Development has the authority to determine that a property is, at a certain time, ineligible for designatio
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Contact Us: Reina Kapadia, AICP Associate Planner, City of Beverly Hills rkapadia@beverlyhills.org (310) 285 - 1129  
Mills Act Application Process

Describes the process of the Mills Act Application
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The Beverly Hilton Hotel
Property Tax Adjustment

Estimated Property Tax Adjustment Worksheet Instructions 1. Please print and fill out this worksheet:       2. Bring the completed worksheet with you to the pre-application meeting

Mills Act Program The City of Beverly Hills' Mills Act Program is a self-directed, financial incentive program for owners of locally-designated historic properties. A Mills Act Contract is a 10-year contract between the owner of a landmark property listed on the Local Register of Historic Properties and the City of Beverly Hills. The purpose of a Mills Act Contract is to provide property tax relie
Estimated Property Tax Adjustment

Worksheet guide for estimated property tax adjustment