Bullying Prevention Video Competition

Human Relations Commission - Anti-Bullying Video Competition

NEW DEADLINE! Produce and submit your Anti-Bullying PSA video by May 15!

Hey! Did you know the Beverly Hills Public Library is hosting two FREE video production and editing classes for teens and tweens (March 28 & April 18)? Click below to download the flyer with all the information. The classes are for teens and tweens, but the video contest is all ages. Please scroll down for details and a link to the electronic application.

 Click Here to Submit Your Video. Offical Rules and details are below.


You may enter as an individual or a group. All participants must submit an entry form. If an entrant or member of group is under 18 years of age, a parent’s permission is required. 

  • The deadline for video submission is May 15, 2013, no later than 5:00pm.
  • No late entries will be eligible for consideration by the judges.


The winners will be formally recognized at a City Council meeting and receive a special Embrace Civility Award from the Human Relations Commission and a beautiful framed proclamation from the Mayor and City Council. Your video may be aired on the City website and may include other City media.


An entrant must be a resident or public or private school student in Beverly Hills or affiliated with a business, organization or school that has operated in Beverly Hills for a minimum of one year. You may include people in your video who do not qualify as an entrant.

Please provide one of the following that qualifies you/your group as an entrant.

  • Home address
  • School name and address
  • Business name and address
  • Organization name and address

Individual Entrant or Group Contact Information

(For a group project, please select one spokesperson for us to contact if there are any questions regarding your video submission.)

  • Title of Video
  • Entrant /or Spokesperson’s Name
  • Phone
  • Email


List all participants in your video project. (Only the group spokesperson needs to list all the participants. If you are completing this entry form as a member of a group, you may skip this step).

  •  (e.g., John Jones, Jane Jones, Sam Smith,)


Entries will be judged on creativity, educational value and message effectiveness. The winners will be determined by the judges in their sole discretion in accordance with the contest rules.

Please indicate the category below that best describes you or your group. For Group Entries indicate all categories that apply.

  • Students grades 4-8
  • Students grades 9-12
  • Adults 18 and Above


  • The video may not exceed 90 seconds.
  • Upload a file or provide a video link.

After you've read the Official Rules, please click here to submit your video.