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Profile of the Department Department Operations Detectives, Evidence and Training
Detectives, Evidence and Training

Detectives, Evidence and Training

The primary function of the Detective Bureau is to investigate felonies, misdemeanors and non-criminal matters, to apprehend suspects, interview witnesses, prosecute offenders, effect the recovery of stolen property and the service of all warrants held by this Department.

Property Room: Maintaining the chain of evidence is crucial in all criminal cases and evidence must be accounted for at all times. In this area, evidence is logged in, labeled with identification tags, sealed in plastic bags, and deposited in one-way cabinets until it is retrieved and stored in a locked facility by the property technician.

The Identification Bureau provides technical services to aid in crime scene investigations, analysis of evidence and photographic documentation. Personnel respond to crime scenes to collect and preserve evidence, such as fingerprints, fibers and biological samples for further examination, and provide expert testimony in court.

The Personnel and Training Bureau is responsible for the hiring of qualified individuals for sworn and civilian positions and to ensure that employees receive continuous professional training to comply with State mandates.

The shooting range is an indoor facility equipped with a computerized target control system to provide officers with the highest quality firearms training. A full-time civilian Rangemaster staffs the facility and provides monthly training for officers.