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Departments Information Technology Interactive Maps (GIS)
Interactive Maps & Geographic Information System (Virtual Beverly Hills)

Virtual Beverly Hills is an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows city staff and the public to see city information mapped out in an intuitive, easy to understand way.

The City of Beverly Hills offers the public the following GIS Services:

  • A set of comprehensive and targeted interactive mapping websites
  • Downloadable and ready to print static pdf maps
  • Geographically referenced information, such as data, analytic report, walk-in and online customer support (up on approval of requests)
  • Mapping interfaces to e-Gov services, such as electronic plans review

In addition, the City's award winning enterprise GIS program supports most municipal functions and initiatives through a series of operationally focused web applications, mobile apps, geospatial data analysis and management, map production, system integration and consulting.

Interactive Mapping Websites
Comprehensive Interactive City Maps

Interactively locate, view, generate report and print maps of different city map layers, such as properties, parking structures, parks, bus stops, zoning & land use, emergency management, engineering bench marks, utility lines etc. This comprehensive application also provides various tools to calculate distances, visualize permits, analyze locational relationships of properties and demographic information.
Interactive Crime Map

View selected crime incidences that occurred in the City within the past 30 days. Users may search for a location(s) using an address, street intersection, parcel number, lat/long coordinates. Please note that this information is being provided strictly as a courtesy, and the Beverly Hills Police Department does not have the staff to assist in the interpretation of the data.
Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Interactive Map

This interactive map shows locations of the FY 2018/19 CIP Projects, pictures, official CIP documents, background budget info link, options to share via social media
Fiber to the Premise Construction: Proposed Schedule and Status

Interactive Map of the City of Beverly Hills Fiber to the Premise Project Construction Schedule and Status. Please note, the project schedule dates are tentative and the construction status data is planned to be updated weekly.
Closest Parking Finder

Application for finding nearby City of beverly Hills parking structures and meters. Users can spot the closest parking meters and structures within specified distance of their choice. Location can be specified using GPS (current location of device) or searched address.
Interactive Parking Meters Map

Interactive map of parking meter locations, hourly rate, operation schedules of the City of Beverly Hills.
Traffic Conditions interactive Map

Interactive Realtime Traffic Map of Beverly Hills. A CBH IT offering based on Here feeds- for information purposes only,
Seismic Retrofit Program iMap - Potential Soft Story Ordnance

Interactive Map of Potential Soft Story Ordnance Properties for Seismic Retrofit Program. The interactive map is available to the public to see the location and description of soft story buildings potentially impacted by the proposed ordnance.
Interactive Bike Rack Location Map

Interactively see the location, capacity and pictures of bike racks.
Zoning and Property Information

Interactive map interface to the City's Zoning and Property Records.
Interactive Historic Resource Survey Map

Interactively display the location and corresponding information of potentially historic resources in the City of Beverly Hills.
Downloadable maps