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Mayor and Councilmembers Legislative Platform - 2017 Letters - 2017
Letters - 2017

In accordance with either the City's Legislative Platform or at the approval of the City Council Liaison Legislative/Lobby Committee, the following letters were sent to elected officials in 2017:

Letter of Opposition_H.R.1. and S.1._Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Letter of Support_AV Start Act of 2017_Congressman Lieu

Letter of Support_AV Start Act of 2017_Senator Feinstein

Letter of Support_DMV Proposed Driverless Testing and Deployment

Letter to Request Governor Sign_SB 231_Local Government: Fees and Charges

Letter to Request Governor Sign_AB 1408_Post Release Community Supervision

Letter to Request Governor Veto_SB 649_Wireless Communications_September 19 2017

Letter to Request Governor Veto_SB 35_Removal of Local Control for Affordable Housing Development_September 25 2017

Letter to Request Governor Sign_SB 568_California Primary Election

Letter of Opposition_AB 1147_Solid Waste Disposal

Letter of Opposition_AB 1250_Contract Services

Letter of Opposition_SB 35_Removal of Local Control for Affordable Housing Development

Letter of Opposition_SB 54_Law Enforcement Data Sharing

Letter of Support_SB 231_Stormwater

Letter of Support_SB 268_LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Letter of Support_SB 378_Emergency Suspension of Alcoholic beverage licenses

Letter of Opposition_SB 649_Wireless Communications_June 21 2017

Letter to Secretary of State_Voter Fraud

Letter to Senator Feinstein_Equality Act

Letter of Opposition_Reduction to Emergency Management Performance Grant

Letter of Opposition_S.1593_Federal Bail Reform

Letter of Support_AB 1219_California Good Samaritan Food Donation Act

Letter of Opposition_SB 10_Bail Reform

Letter of Opposition_SB 21_Surveillance Policies

Letter of Support_SB 611_Disabled Placards

Letter of Opposition_SB 649_Wireless Communications_September 2017

Letter of Support AB 954_Food Labeling

Letter of Opposition_AB1069_Taxicabs

Letter of Support_AB1408_State Parole Reforms

Letter of Opposition_AB1479_Custodian of Records

Letter of Support_SB 568_Election Date

Letter of Support_AB 84_Election Date