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The Office of Emergency Management, Resilience, and Recovery is furthering its commitment to emergency preparedness by launching the  Disaster Ready program, a tool that equips businesses with the ability to plan and prepare for major disasters. Businesses that complete the program are officially recognized for actively engaging in disaster planning efforts to foster an increased culture of emergency preparedness in Beverly Hills. This important initiative will be the first business emergency preparedness recognition program in Beverly Hills. 


To become a Disaster Ready Partner, businesses must:

  • Complete one Business Emergency Plan or other emergency plan. 
  • Finish one Beverly Hills Preparedness Activity from any category below.
  • Be an active partner by telling one business neighbor to become certified.
  • To remain a Disaster Ready Partner, each year businesses must:
  • Review existing plan and make necessary revisions.
  • Complete one new Beverly Hills Preparedness Activity from any category below.

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STAY CONNECTED: Talk to your people. Having a network of information and support in a disaster and staying connected to neighboring businesses, your suppliers, having an employee communication system, and/or having city and regional alerts is critical.

  • Have an emergency communication system (phone tree, GroupMe app, or Facebook group).
  • Ensure all leadership if not all employees are registered for the City of Beverly Hills Emergency Notification Program (Beverly Hills Emergency Telephone Notification Sign Up and Beverly Hills Nixle alerts for trusted information and updates.



CONDUCT A DISASTER DRILL OR TRAINING: Conducting a drill or other disaster exercise will equip employees with a plan of action when a real emergency happens.

  • Conduct a fire drill or active shooter drill giving employees specific responsibilities and having a designated offsite location to meet.
  • Test the emergency communication system you developed.
  • Participate in the Great California Shakeout at 10:20 a.m. on October 20, 2022.
  • Schedule a Beverly Hills certified CPR or First Aid Class.
  • Send employees to Beverly Hills Business Community Emergency Response Team training.



TAKE CARE OF CUSTOMERS & EMPLOYEES: Things may be different in an emergency: there may be loss of utilities, help may not come for several days or even weeks, and suppliers may be unable to make deliveries.

  • Have enough emergency food and water supplies for all employees for three days.
  • Incentivize employees to have a work emergency backpack to include first-aid kit; flashlight; copies of important documents; change of clothing and sturdy shoes; names, addresses, and phone numbers of emergency contacts, doctors, and pharmacists; medications; eye glasses; personal hygiene items; toilet paper; paper towels; a large trash bag.
  • Incentivize employees to have a home emergency backpack.
  • Contact the Beverly Hills Office of Emergency Management at (310) 285-1021 or to request a disaster preparedness speaker.



PLAN TO STAY IN BUSINESS: Companies that do not resume operations at some level within ten days of a disaster are not likely to survive. Think through how you continue business now, before it’s too late.

  • Check that your emergency power supply is operable and if you do not have one, install it.
  • Protect against data failure or cyber-attack on your databases/website/customer records by backing up all information in a remote location.
  • Secure valuable items by fastening shelves, computers, cash registers, and other loose objects so they will not shake and fall.


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