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Pet Preparedness
Protect Your Pet in a Disaster

Your pets rely on you to keep them safe and secure. During a disaster they may lose access to food, water, or shelter. It is important to be prepared so that when disaster strikes, you and your pets are ready for anything.

  • Make a Pet Emergency Plan
  • ID your pet
    • Microchip your pet and have the chip activated
  • Have a current photo of your pet
  • Identify shelters:
  • Make sure you have a secure pet carrier, leash or harness
  • Make a pet emergency kit. Check out this quick list:
    • Pet food
    • Bottled water
    • Medications
    • Veterinary records
    • Cat litter/pan
    • Manual can opener
    • Food dishes
    • First aid kit and other supplies

Please remember your pets may become agitated during and after a disaster. Give them time to rest and recuperate before letting them off the leash in public, giving them free reign of your home, or walking them in highly congested areas.

For more resources, contact the following organizations:

The Amanda Foundation
(310) 278-2935
351 N. Foothill Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital
(310) 276-7113
353 Foothill Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210





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