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Commission Accomplishments

Myra Demeter and Gary Ross have served as the Chair and Vice Chair from January 2018 to December 2018.

The areas of interest for 2018 included:

  • Smoking
  • Disaster Preparedness: What to Do Before, During, and After

During this time, the Health and Safety Commission accomplished the following:

Continued the Health and Safety Recognition Program, honoring individuals, businesses, and groups who have demonstrated leadership in the field of health and safety issues or made a contribution to the mission of the Health and Safety Commission.


Teen Line, a hot line run by mental health professionals out of Cedars Sinai and manned by volunteer teen listeners.


American Red Cross, in honor of March as American Red Cross Month.


Ali Norman-Franks, in honor of establishing the Norman Aid Center on the campus of Beverly Hills High School where she and a team of Maple Counselors, Pupil Personnel Service interns, and peer counselors help with a range of student needs through crisis management and mental health education throughout the school.


Mark Mead, Principal of Beverly Hills High School. Principal Mead advocates for the health and safety of the 1,500 students who attend BHHS.


Brett Dodd, Les Bronte, Chief Gregory Barton and Sean Stokes from the Stop The Bleed, a Program whose mission is to educate and train residents as first responders


S.W. “Bill” DiSalvo, for representing the City of Beverly Hills as a Trustee on the Los Angeles County West Vector & Vector-Borne Disease Control District, since 1992.


Asher Waxman, Charles Coffman, Ed Bautista, Ida Nalbandian, Max Koretskiy, and Steven Chavez, members of the Beverly Hills Library Homebound Services Team. Beverly Hills Public Library Homebound Services offers free delivery service of library materials to Beverly Hills residents who are unable to come to the library in person.


CERT Instructors Peter Landau, Alex Kay, Pamela Meadow, David Seidel, and Les Bronte. CERT training teaches people to act and respond in emergency situations to help themselves and others.


Sandy Pressman, a dedicated individual involved in many community service and philanthropy based groups in Beverly Hills.


The entire Beverly Hills Police Department

Continued learning about the topic of Disaster Preparedness and received customized presentations each month.


Safeguarding against the flu including strategies like washing hands, getting enough rest, staying hydrated, and receiving vaccinations.


Winter storm and earthquake preparedness tips and information


Sheltering during an emergency or disaster. If possible, the first suggestion is to shelter in place. Emergency sheltering locations within the City include all BHUSD schools and City parks. Stockpile of supplies are available at the parks.


Disaster preparedness related to mobile device apps. Organizations such as FEMA, the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, and others have created apps to help before, during, and after a disaster.


Disaster preparedness related to pets. Preparedness items include having an emergency food supply and pet carrier, and ensuring pets have proper identification.


How to prepare in case of a power outage. This includes keeping an outage supply kit, creating a food contingency plan, and stockpiling essential items such as lanterns, flashlights, batteries, and portable cell phone chargers.


Disaster preparedness information for older Americans. A FEMA video was shown that included tips on being prepared for an emergency, such as creating an emergency kit, setting up a personal support network and informing the network ahead of time to let them know your needs.


Information regarding donations for disasters. Cash is always best for donations and always donate to a trusted source like Red Cross or the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.


Disaster preparedness for businesses. If an incident occurs, it is important to plan for all phases of the disaster, especially response and recovery, because resilience depends on preparation and plans in place. Businesses are encouraged to participate in the City’s Disaster Ready program, which requires the submission of a business plan and completing one additional activity, such as completing a City CERT classes, stockpiling supplies, and/or building facility-specific plans.


Making a kit, making a plan, and being informed. A kit should be able to sustain oneself and family for 7-14 days and contain food, water, extra clothing, hygiene supplies, medication, N95 masks, copies of important documents, portable phone charges, flashlights, and an AM radio. A kit should be kept at home, in the car, and at work. Individuals should make a 15-minute plan, practice evacuation drills, have an out of state contact, and identify internal/external locations.


Water Conservation Measures

Created, submitted, and received the Proposition 56 Grant, accepted June 19, 2019, for $305,810.00 to fund anti-smoking initiatives such as training, signage, youth and social media outreach, tobacco retail license inspections, education, and the hiring of a dedicated ambassador for the business district.

Provided input on survey development to determine second-hand smoking statistics as well as hiring Ambassador services.

Passed an ordinance that effective December 21, 2018, retailers in Beverly Hills will not be able to sell flavored tobacco products including menthol.

Passed an ordinance that effective January 1, 2019, smoking will be prohibited in multi-unit dwelling rental units, including owner occupied units.

Heard information from Cindy Owens, Policy & Management Analyst, and provided comments regarding the FDA ruling that limits the sales of sweet flavored electronic cigarette products.

Heard updates from Kris Zagyva, Operations Manager for Block By Block, about the responsibilities and effectiveness of the Ambassador Program on smoking in the Business Triangle and South Beverly Drive. Received information regarding how the Ambassadors work with Beverly Hills Code Enforcement and provided additional suggestions for enforcement effectiveness.

Partnered with Cedars-Sinai to offer a free smoking cessation program to up to 25 Beverly Hills residents.

Heard updates from Beverly Hills School District about receiving a grant to help inform students of health risks associated with vaping.

Attended and supported the Beverly Hills School District parent education meeting on Juuling and vaping.

Received information from Logan Phillippo, Policy & Management Analyst, and provided input on the City’s marijuana regulations and the dangers/health risks associated with marijuana and edibles.

Heard a presentation from Dr. Patil Armenian, MD, Research Director, Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine & Toxicology at UCSF-Fresno, and discussed marijuana edibles, opioids, and other items related to toxicology.

Heard a presentation from Dr. Jeff Chen, Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative and the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, about cannabis research and the medical benefits and health risks of cannabis use.

Heard a presentation from Dr. Alan H. Kay, DDS about the current opioid epidemic.

Attended the Mayor’s Cabinet Meetings throughout the year and provided highlights and updates to the Commission.

Heard a presentation from Beverly Hills School District about updating sexual harassment policies and trainings in schools.

Receive monthly updates from the Beverly Hills School District about the benefits of security guards and cameras in schools and discussed additional safety regulations.

Heard information from the Beverly Hills School District and provided input regarding gates and fences for schools.

Received information from the Beverly Hills School District regarding Share911, a system that allows people to communicate important details during a crisis such as location, evacuations, roll call, etc. Discussed the benefits of the program.

Received information from the Beverly Hills School District NormanAid Student Support Center that October is Opt Out month, which focuses on substance abuse prevention and that November is Netiquette month, which teaches responsible technology use.

Received information from the Beverly Hills School District about Red Ribbon Week, which is a national campaign that promotes drug free youth initiatives.

Received an invitation from the Beverly Hills School District for the Welcome Ceremony for the new School Board members.

Discussed with the Beverly Hills School District the program Raptor, a stricter security check and screening program for school visitors. It allows school staff to see who is on campus at all times and scans all visitors for criminal history prior to entry.

Heard information from the Beverly Hills School District and the Beverly Hills Police Department and provided input regarding electronic scooter safety and legal usage.

Discussed with the Beverly Hills Police Department the ability to text 911.

Heard a presentation from Beverly Hills Police Department about firearm safety.

Received updates from the Beverly Hills Police Department about National Night Out, an anti-crime campaign.

Participated in and had a booth at the National Night Out event and provided informational handouts.

Received updates from the Beverly Hills Police Department about Heads Up/Phone Down. Viewed and completed the associated DangerStoppers video.

Discussed the legality and uses of drones with the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Discussed with the Beverly Hills Police Department the benefits of assigning officers to schools for security purposes.

Discussed with the Beverly Hills Police Department runner and pedestrian safety.

Heard Halloween safety tips from the Beverly Hills Police Department such as staying in crosswalks and out of the street, using crossing signals, staying in large groups, bringing flashlights, being aware of traffic, and inspecting candy.

Participated in the Great ShakeOut event on October 18, 2018 at 10:18 AM.

Heard updates and provided input regarding the North Santa Monica Boulevard Reconstruction project.

Received tips about how to avoid overwatering and water conservation.

Received updates from the Beverly Hills Fire Department on CERT Training, CPR Training, and Stop The Bleed training in 2018.

Received information from Martha Eros, Transportation Planner, and provided input about the Complete Streets Plan, which serves as the guiding document in the development and implementation of future mobility modes for walking, biking, public transit and vehicles throughout the City.

Provided information regarding not using plastic straws and to instead purchase reusable metal straws.

Received information from Gil Borboa, Assistant Director of Public Works, and discussed the Annual Water Quality Report, which measures water safety.

Heard a presentation from Shana Epstein, Director of Public Works, and provided input regarding the Proposed Rate Adjustments to accomplish restructuring rates based on the cost-of-service to each customer, protecting water supply through the addition of a water reliability charge, and stabilizing water operations through the authorization of revenue stabilization rates.

Received information from the Department of Public Works regarding capping the oil well and the oil well remediation project.

Discussed the Beverly Hills Health Profile, a report that has 58 indicators that influence health in the City.

Completed DangerStoppers: SAFE – Safety Awareness For Everyone, a campaign to promote against texting while walking on sidewalks.

Updated on the gathering of public feedback for La Cienega Park/Recreation Complex by Nancy-Hunt Coffey, Director of Community Services

Heard information and tips regarding mosquito threats and preventative measures such as eliminating standing water, limiting outside activities at dusk/dawn, wearing long pants and sleeves, using repellant, and checking windows to ensure they are sealed. Viewed and completed the corresponding DangerStoppers: Fight the Bite video.

Heard a presentation from Heather Teodoro, Public Education Specialist from the Los Angeles County West Vector Control District, regarding mosquito and bee abatement.

Attended events for the City’s BOLD Holidays, which began November 15, 2018.

Discussed the importance of neighborhood watch groups and hosting meetings.

Heard information from Arlen Eskandari, Senior Plan Review Engineer/Architect, and provided input for the proposed Seismic Retrofit Program in soft-structured buildings.

The following continues to be the goals of the Commission:

  • To Create a “Community Culture of Awareness and Preparedness.”
  • To Encourage Good Decision Making and Battle Complacency on Health and Safety Matters.
  • To Serve as Ambassadors to the Community on Health and Safety related Resources and Information.


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