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Beverly Hills and 'Step Up on Second' Partners on New Supportive Housing for the Unhoused

Beverly Hills, Calif. (March 19, 2024) – At last night’s City Council meeting, an update was given regarding the City’s partnership with the non-profit organization, ‘Step Up on Second’ that supports and offers rehabilitation to those experiencing homelessness and mental health issues.

The partnership, which began under the direction of the City’s Unhoused Services Ad Hoc Committee, helps place unhoused individuals into 30 permanent supportive housing units, consisting of community-based apartment units owned by independent landlords, scattered across Los Angels County. Additionally, the program allows for up to 280 nights of interim housing each year, to place individuals into motels for temporary housing, pending the availability of permanent supportive units.

Since the supportive housing program launched on November 16, 2023, 14 of the 30 permanent supportive units have been occupied. Placed tenants have already begun taking community college courses and are learning to cook and work toward independent living.

“It’s remarkable that we have housed as many people as we’ve housed in such a short period of time,” said Mayor Dr. Julian Gold. “It’s even more remarkable that we’ve sent so many people back to their families. This is only the beginning of what we are going to see with our new community public health program and I think the world will emulate us.”

Placed individuals are required to see a Step Up Housing Case Management staff member at least once a week to help them work toward independent living and address mental health concerns. The organization currently has contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) that offers additional support such as therapy, psychiatry, nursing and more.

For additional information about the program, please visit or if you are aware of someone who is unhoused that may need assistance, please call (310) 286 – BHOT (2468).  

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