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Beverly Hills City Council Adopts Urgency Ordinance with New Guidelines for Public Assemblies and Parades

Beverly Hills, CA – In a 4-1 vote on Tuesday evening, the Beverly Hills City Council approved an amendment to its urgency ordinance related to requirements regarding public assemblies and parades that will go into effect Wednesday, November 25.

Since November 4, the City has been requiring permits for most public assemblies and parades. Specific guidelines were put in place such as: prohibiting nighttime parades or assemblies in residential areas as well as targeted parades and assemblies and prohibiting items that pose a health and safety risk during a parade or assembly. Additionally, specific locations were established where parades or assemblies can be allowed without a permit if the parade or assembly is under 500 persons.

New guidelines that will take effect November 25 to better protect residents and demonstrators include:

  • Requiring a permit for any parade or assembly taking place in Beverly Gardens Park.The only locations that do not require a permit will be: La Cienega Park and the west side of City Hall.
  • If an unpermitted parade or assembly takes place in La Cienega park for more than six weeks within a twelve-week period; then unpermitted parades and assemblies will be prohibited in La Cienega Park for a period of six weeks.
  • Prohibiting demonstrators at unpermitted assemblies from assembling on the adjacent sidewalk and requiring them to remain at least seven feet from the curb of La Cienega Boulevard and other major arterial streets.

“I believe these new measures will create a fair balance between free speech and the safety of the community,” said Beverly Hills Mayor Lester Friedman.

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