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BH City Council Calls on President, Secretary of State and Congress to Increase Sanctions Against Iranian Regime

For Immediate Release – October 11, 2022
Contact: Keith Sterling, Chief Communications Officer - (714) 600-0952

Beverly Hills City Council Calls on President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken and Members of Congress to Increase Sanctions Against Iranian Regime and for the United Nations to expel Iran from its Women’s Rights Commission

Beverly Hills, Calif. – In a 5-0 vote on Tuesday evening, the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously adopted a resolution that calls upon the government of the United States, including President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Members of Congress to engage in all efforts to increase sanctions against the regime in Iran and cease current and future negotiations, including negotiations related to oil exports, and to not release any assets frozen in the United States, until there is a regime change.

The Council’s decisive action follows the physical beating and deaths of Mahsa Amini, Sarina Esmaeilzadeh, Nika Shakarami, and others by Iran's morality police.  The morality police enforce the strict hijab rules of the country which mandate covered hair and loose-fitting robes for women. 

“I will never be afraid to stand up and speak out and we need to call out everyone by name,” said Mayor Lili Bosse.  “We are all in this together and we in Beverly Hills will be the beginning of the change that will help around the world. This Council and community is united.  We need to be the role model for the world. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

The City Council’s resolution demands the United States Government consider additional enhanced sanctions which focus solely on the financial assets of the members of the government of Iran and those individuals involved in the regime to the greatest extent possible while still allowing critical economic and medical aid to reach the citizens of Iran; and cease any and all types of sponsorship of terrorist organizations, including but not limited to Hamas and Hezbollah.

The resolution also calls upon the United Nations to expel Iran from the United Nations Women’s Rights Commission and implores the United Nations, countries, and other cities to adopt resolutions with similarly strong messaging related to sanctions against Iran’s morality police and condemning the Iranian morality police for the evil, cruel, and barbaric acts and further condemning the regime for its brutality, anti-democratic oppression of its citizens and documented human rights violations, especially against women, students, and minorities.

Beverly Hills was one of the first municipalities to publicly condemn Mahsa Amini’s murder.  At the September 20, 2022 City Council meeting, Mayor Bosse opened the meeting with comments regarding Mahsa Amini’s death, which was then followed with a moment of silence.

To honor Mahsa Amini’s life and legacy, Beverly Hills City Hall has been illuminated in the evenings with the message “Justice for Mahsa Amini” since September 29.


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