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BH Prohibits Possession of Aerosol String, Hair Removal Products and Shaving Cream During Halloween

Beverly Hills, CA – At Tuesday’s Formal Session Meeting, the Beverly Hills City Council voted 5-0 to adopt a new ordinance that prohibits the possession of products such as aerosol string (commonly referred to as Silly String), hair removal products and shaving cream and/or gel on Halloween on public property or private property open to the public in order to create a safe family friendly environment.

During the past few years, the Beverly Hills Police Department has responded to safety concerns on Halloween and requested an ordinance addressing the misuse of these products be considered.

When used improperly, the products outlined in the ordinance may cause harm to individuals, property and/or the environment.

The ordinance would only apply to persons under the age of 21 and be enforced from 6 a.m. October 31st to 6 a.m. November 1st. It would not impact those selling the products from their business. The Beverly Hills Police Department urges voluntary compliance with the ordinance. City staff will be deployed throughout the City to educate before issuing any citations. 

Additional information about the ordinance when available can be found at



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