FAQ - What is your Withdrawal & Refund policy?
Answer: The Beverly Hills Recreation and Parks Department offers a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. We strive to provide you with the highest quality recreation programs and activities. Any concerns, suggestions or ideas for improvement you have to share will be appreciated, as they will help us to do the best job possible. If for some reason you are not satisfied, we will arrange for the following:

1. Transfer to another Department class in the same quarter.

2. Receive a full refund. A full refund will be issued if you are dissatisfied and the cancellation meets the following guidelines:

?We are notified before the second class meeting, in classes longer than four weeks, or the class is cancelled by the Department.

?Otherwise, we only issue refunds if class is full and your space can be filled from the waiting list. A $10 service charge will be applied, as well as, payments for courses attended.

In case of refunds requested after two weeks into a class session, a pro-rated refund plus a service charge may be assessed for a student's inability to continue due to medical reasons. A doctor's note is required. **Does not apply to Excursions, Camps and Preschool.
A $5 administrative charge will be accessed for each requested transfer.

Please see following website for more information:
Registration Guidelines