FAQ - What's new in the Draft General Plan?
Answer: Land Use and how the City develops over time are at the heart of the General Plan. Most of the City's existing land use policies will continue in the new General Plan, including policies intended to protect the character that defines the Beverly Hills community, preserve the community's residential neighborhoods and require that all new development be of the highest standards and quality.
What will be different in the new General Plan will be an emphasis towards Sustainability both in terms of the environment and the economy. Environmental sustainability focuses on such topics as reducing air pollution and conserving resources, while attaining economic sustainability will assure that the City is able to continue requiring the highest quality development and providing the best services. The new General Plan would also include policies allowing Mixed-Use Development, meaning that housing could be built above shops and offices in select commercial areas, and Transit-Oriented Development, meaning that more housing along with neighborhood commercial and retail shops could be built near the potential future subway stop at Wilshire and La Cienega. Finally, to address the need for more housing in the City the new plan would also include policies aimed at encouraging the development of more housing, and particularly, affordable housing units.