Code Compliance

The primary mission of the Code Compliance program is the enforcement of the City Municipal Code. Voluntary compliance is always our primary goal.

Contact Information

Code Violation Complaints: To report a code violation online use AskBev or call (310) 285-1119.
To report a dead animal in the public right-of-way: (310) 285-7387.

Courtesy Information and Common Issues

  • For building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, planning, or zoning code inquiries or to set up a Permit Center appointment, schedule a Permit Center Appointment, or call the main number at (310) 285-1141.
  • For inquiries related to bees, Africanized honey bees, mosquitos, and other stinging insects, please call Los Angeles County West Vector Control at (310) 915-7370.

Community Preservation responds to and investigates complaints involving alleged violations of state and city laws pertaining to:

Property Maintenance Noise Other
Housing Standards Businesses/Signs Smoking

Public Records Requests

You may view or request copies of public records by filling out the form at Duplication of Documents.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:      Disclosure of complainant name and/or contact information is prohibited from being released to the public by California State law unless ordered by a court during active litigation. Note, however, that if a complainant elects to report anonymously, the Code Enforcement investigation may be limited and/or discontinued because staff would be unable to contact the complainant for information necessary to continue the investigation.

Code Compliance Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Nestor Otazu Code Enforcement Manager (310) 285-1173 Send Email
Terence May Sr Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1186 Send Email
Michael Manaoat Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1145 Send Email
Michal Masini Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1174 Send Email
Josh Charlin Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1175 Send Email
David Rodriguez Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1044 Send Email
Dorian Cedars Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1047 Send Email


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