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Community Filming & Event Permits
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Patty Betancourt, Scott Lipke, & Hillary Villeno

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Welcome to the Community Filming & Event Permits Division in Beverly Hills. Located in the heart of the entertainment capital, our division is here to assist you in the process of coordinating the various approvals and logistics for your upcoming special event and/or film production. Whether you're a filmmaker seeking the elegance of Beverly Hills for your next production, or an event planner envisioning a distinctive venue, our team is here to guide you through the permit process. 


Commercial Film Shoot

FY 23 -24 FSE FEES


Filming/Still Photography

How long does it take to obtain a film permit?
It depends on the details of the film shoot and elements required. Some permits can be issued within 48 business hours while others may take much longer depending on the scope of the project. We recommend submitting an application at least 7 business days in advance. The nonrefundable Application Processing Fee is determined by the timing of each application submission. Any application for filming or photography that requires Beverly Hills Police Department support must be received at least 7 business days in advance.

Does the City allow drone use for filming/photography?
Drones are permitted for filming and photography pending review of your proposed activity.  A Beverly Hills Police Officer is required for all drone activity and must stay with Drone operator at all times. There is a 4-hour minimum fee for every Officer request. 

Do I need a permit to take photos in the park?
If you are taking photos for personal use only and are not setting up any equipment and only using only a handheld camera such as that a tourist might use, then no permit is required. 

If I want to use a B-Roll shot of the Beverly Hills shield for filming, do I still have to apply for a film permit?
You would need to obtain authorization and a license for approval to use the Beverly Hills shield for filming or photography.  For licensing permission, contact the Beverly Hills Communications Office at (310) 285-2456.

If the permit is already processed, paid, and issued are we still allowed to extend shooting days?
The request to extend shooting days would need to be reviewed prior to issuing extension. In the case that the extension was approved, additional fees would apply.

Do I need a permit to film/still photography on private property, inside a business or private residence?A permit is required for all commercial filming and still photography anywhere in the City of Beverly Hills. Personal home videos do not require a permit.

Will I need a police officer for filming or photography?Upon review of the application, a police officer and/or traffic control officers may be required. Situations that typically trigger the need for an officer are large-scale filming (15+ cast/crew), large-scale still photography (20+ cast/crew), filming/photography with a drone, brandishing weapons, gunfire, stunts, intermittent traffic control, car-to-car driving shots driving shots with a process trailer, street/curb lane activity, and parking equipment vehicles on streets that may pose potential traffic hazards.  Additional needs may also trigger the support of the Beverly Hills Police Department and each situation will be reviewed. 


Are there any filming locations on Rodeo Drive that do not allow filming/still photography?
You would need to avoid the 200 block of North Rodeo Drive, between Wilshire Boulevard and Dayton Way. That includes Two Rodeo, the private property with the cobblestone, sloping Via and Spanish Steps. Permission to film/photography at Two Rodeo must be granted by Two Rodeo Property Management.

All Photo/Filming dealing with Two Rodeo requires permission from Rodeo Management.(Contact) Adela Garcia: 310-247-7040

PLEASE NOTE: Intermittent Traffic Closure may be conducted on Rodeo Drive only before stores open at 9:30am (10:30am on Sunday). Earliest time to begin Intermittent Traffic Closure on Rodeo Drive would be 10pm. 

For equipment vehicles, there are some spaces on Roxbury Drive (meters #404-432) that may be utilized. Double-stacking vehicles would require a Traffic Control Officer.

Cast/Crew vehicles would have to be parked offsite or south of the park in Los Angeles and Shuttled In)

Greystone Mansion issues their own permits.
For more information, visit

Wedding/Group Photography

Do I need a permit to take wedding photos in front of City Hall/in the Palm Court or around the City?
Yes, wedding photography in the City requires a permit:

Do I need a permit to take wedding photos at Will Rogers Memorial Park or Greystone Mansion?
Yes, wedding photography in the city requires a permit. For wedding photography at Will Rogers Memorial Park or Greystone Mansion, please contact Greystone Mansion Staff at (310) 285-6838.

Do I need a permit to take wedding photos at the Beverly Hills courthouse?
If you wish to take photos on the steps of the courthouse or inside the courthouse, you’ll need to obtain permission from Los Angeles Superior Court. If you wish to take photos on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse, you would need to obtain a Wedding Photography Permit from the City’s Filming & Special Events Office.

Special Events

I am hosting an event in the City of Beverly Hills, do I need to apply for a Special Event Permit?

  1. Per BHMC 4-8-3 Special Event permits are only required for events in “commercial zones” that meet the following criteria:
  • An activity that requires a temporary change to a building's category of occupancy assigned pursuant to the city's building code
  • An event at which the total number of guests exceeds the occupancy limit assigned to a location pursuant to the city's building code;
  • A temporary conversion of parking spaces to any purpose other than parking; and
  • A temporary encroachment into a public right of way that: 1) lasts fewer than forty eight (48) hours, and 2) occupies more than twenty (20) square feet of the public right of way or leaves fewer than four feet (4') of sidewalk width unobstructed for pedestrian travel. (Ord. 07-O-2541, eff. 1-5-2008)
    1. Although "special event permits” are not required for events held at residential properties, other permits may still be needed depending on the scope of the event details (valet permits, tent or building permits, electrical permits for generators, charitable solicitations permit [fundraising activities], valet permits, etc.)
  • Building or tent permit if the event involves setting up tents, grandstands, bleachers, stages or other temporary structures. (Fire Department / Building and Safety).
  • Electrical permit if the temporary structures require wiring, lighting fixtures or a generator. (Building and Safety).
  • Valet permit may be required for a single event in a residential or commercial area of the City (Police Department)
  • A Charitable Solicitations Permit is required for any fundraising event or activity for charitable purpose in the City of Beverly Hills (Police Department)
  • Public Assembly Permit may be required. (Fire Department)
  • City's Noise Ordinance - the link to the City's Noise Ordinance is for information only. There is no permit that allows for extended hours for "activities that create noise." (Beverly Hills Municipal Code 5-1-104 for General Standards Relative to Disturbance of Peace).

I am ready to apply for a large-scale Special Event Permit, what needs to be submitted to the City of Beverly Hills?

Large events (includes street closures or major City impacts) may require City Council review and approval. The recommended timeframe to complete the application steps is minimum six months since street closures or events with major City impacts will require City Council approval and interdepartmental coordination. A special event application will need to be filed, and all permit processes completed and paid prior to holding an event. Information we need from applicants depends on the event, however, the following are some of the requirements:

  1. Written Proposal Submitted
  2. Staff ReviewReview proposal, and will look out for red flags, or will request additional information as needed - then we will finalize the proposal with a staff report to present to Council. 
  3. Logistics/ Permits -   
  • Special Event Application, Traffic Plan, Site/Structural Plans stamped by an engineer, Certificate of Insurance, Fire Code Applications and Public Assembly Applications will need to all be submitted by the applicant. 
    • Staff will work with you to review the run of show, route, structural, & traffic control plans.
  • Payment of fees/permit issuance:
    • Fee Schedule:  Fee Schedule
      • Street closures carry their own set of permit fees, but it also takes personnel - PD officers, Traffic Control Officers, Fire safety officer, it can even take parking or public works staff, all at an hourly rate depending on the request. The street closure fees are determined by the length of the closure. 
      • A public right of way (special event encroachment) permit is also required along with a special event permit.
      • Additionally, no parking signs and meter revenue loss are required
  1. Liaison Review/RecommendationsSpecial Event Liaisons will review proposals in detail and provide recommendations before the request is submitted to the full 5 Councilmembers. Applicant must be present and available for questions at Liaison meeting. 
  2. Notifications – Notifications will need to be sent out to surrounding businesses and residents letting them know of the street closure.  The notices will need to be sent to all businesses and residents within 1,000 feet of the street closure at least five days prior to the event at the expense of the applicant. 
  3. City Council Approval - Applicant must be present and available for questions at Council meeting. 

Do I need a permit to have a party at my home?
The City does not issue permits for parties at private homes. You do need a permit for Valet Parking (Transportation Division 310-285-2500), Tents (Fire Dept. 310-281-2703) or Generator (310-285-1141).

Do I need a permit to have live music at my home?
No, you do not require a permit for live music. The city has a Noise Ordinance in effect after 10 p.m. (BHMC 5-1-201). There is no permit which supersedes the Noise Ordinance.

Do I need a permit for a demonstration?
Permits are not required for Freedom of Speech activity but you should speak with the Beverly Hills Police Department so that they are aware of the activity. The Watch Commander can be reached at (310) 285-2125.

Can I reserve the Municipal Gallery?
Yes, the Municipal Gallery is available for rental.  For more information, please visit Municipal Gallery  

If I’m paying my permit, what payment methods are accepted? 
Payments can be made by way of online payment, check or wire transfer.  Review the Payment Guide for additional payment information.

How can an applicant submit a Permit Application?
Filming & Special Event Permit Applications are located on the City’s website: Please call (310) 285-2408 or email staff if you have any questions

What is the turnaround time for a permit?
Typical special event permits should be submitted at least 7 business days in advance of the anticipated event date. Delayed and late Application fees will be applicable for applications received 6-2 business days ahead of the requested activity. Larger-scaled events that require City Council approval should be submitted at least 6 months prior to the scheduled event date.

If I want to host a fundraising event either on a residential or a private location such as a hotel, would I still need to apply for a special events permit?
In order to conduct a fundraising event or activity in the City of Beverly Hills for any charitable purpose, charities are required to obtain a Charitable Solicitation Permit from the City of Beverly Hills. For more information, visit: Charitable Solicitations 

What insurance requirements is needed?

Applicant must submit an application and certificate of insurance listing the City of Beverly Hills as the Certificate Holder & Additional Insured

 Please contact the Community Filming & Events Office at (310) 285-2408 if you have any additional questions.

 For Special EVENTS:

For Filming/Still Photography: 
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