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Community Preservation

animal shelters

The City of Beverly Hills contracts with the City of Los Angeles for Animal Control Services. Due to the current pandemic situation, effective March 18, 2020, all City of Los Angeles' animal shelters are closed to the public, along with the administrative office for the department. They will continue to feed and care for shelter animals and respond to emergency calls for issues such as animal cruelty and dangerous dogs. Pet licenses can be bought or renewed online or by mail, for more information visit City of Los Angeles Online Licensing page.

Animal Services is urging anyone who is considering surrendering a pet to hold off, but if that is not possible call the nearest Animal Service Center. For more information you may call (888)452-7381.



The Community Preservation Program is established to assist ensuring compliance with the City's various property maintenance, land use, building, and health and safety regulations. The majority of cases investigated originate as a complaint filed by a neighbor or passerby. Alleged code violations are treated equally and investigated by staff as reported. Once confirmed, appropriate steps are taken to resolve the violations in a timely manner, our approach is helping people comply.

Given the sensitivities and complexities of certain enforcement actions that impact residents and business owners, the City has provided links to the more common received complaints shown below:

Property Maintenance

The Community Preservation Program also provides free mediation services.

Private disputes includes enforcement of such as CC&R’s, locations of property lines, trees overhanging/damaging private property, etc. Residents are encouraged to establish good relationships with neighbors and work collaboratively to solve these types of problems before conflicts arise. If discussions with neighbors are not fruitful, residents may seek mediation through the Mediation Program in the hopes of resolving their differences. If the dispute involves a violation of a City code and not a private civil matter, then the City may be brought in to resolve the violation.

To ask a question, request information, or report a violation, use AskBev. Or you may speak directly to Community Development at (310) 285-1119.

The staff assigned to a code enforcement action serves as the primary point of contact and is expected to keep responsible parties informed and on schedule until the violation is resolved.

Important Notice:

Disclosure of complainant name and/or contact information is prohibited from being released to the public by California State law unless ordered by a court during active litigation. Note, however, that if a complainant elects to report anonymously, the Code Enforcement investigation may be limited and/or discontinued because staff would be unable to contact the complainant for information necessary to continue the investigation.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone Email
CE Hotline For Questions/Complaints  (310) 285-1119 Send Email
Nestor Otazu Code Enforcement Manager (310) 285-1173 Send Email
Terence May Sr Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1186 Send Email
Michael Manaoat Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1145 Send Email
Michal Masini Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1174 Send Email
Josh Charlin Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1175 Send Email
David Rodriguez Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1044 Send Email
Dorian Cedars Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1047 Send Email
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