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Building Inspection

The City of Beverly Hills Community Development Department provides daily inspections services for construction and development. Inspections may be scheduled up to 10 days in advanced, or a reserved limited number of inspections are available beginning at 9:00 am each day for "24 Hour Next Day" inspections using the automated phone system.

Telephone Scheduling
Schedule your inspection by telephone (up to 10 days in advance) at (310) 285-2534.

  1. Press 1 - For Private Property Building Inspections
  2. Press 2 - Fire Department Inspections
  3. Press 3 - Public Works/Public Property Inspections

Online Scheduling (up to 10 days in advance): CitySmart

Visit CitySmart to schedule an inspection online for our customers to manage inspections and other administrative elements throughout the life of a construction project. Inspections may also be scheduled ten (10) days in advance using the online scheduling system.

After-Hours Special Inspection Requests Scheduling (72-Hour Advanced Notice Required)

If you would like to schedule an after-hours special inspection, please obtain preliminary approval from your building inspector and submit a completed Special Inspection & Supplemental Plan Review Form, along with your payment.

Important Construction Notices

Staff Name Title Phone Number Email
Baker, Trent Senior Building Inspector (310) 285-1169 Send Email
Crofts, Michael Building Inspector II (310) 285-1110 Send Email
Jonokuchi, Howard Building Inspector I (310) 285-1104 Send Email
Lelea, George Senior Building Inspector (310) 285-1147 Send Email
Otamura, Ronald Building Inspector II (310) 285-1159 Send Email
Regester, Wayne Building Inspector II (310) 285-1149 Send Email
Sanders, Mark Building Inspector I (310) 285-1114 Send Email
Tabor, Steven Senior Building Inspector (310) 285-1148 Send Email
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