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Restaurant Express Permit Process

Directed by the City Council and developed under the guidance of Mayor Brucker’s Task Force on Government Efficiency, chaired by Vice Mayor Brien and co-chaired by Planning Commissioner, Noah Furie, in 2011 the City of Beverly Hills created a Restaurant Express Permit process.  The Restaurant Express Permit process became effective on Friday, December 16, 2011 and provides that most restaurant applications filed with the City will be processed within 70 days. City staff has dedicated a team to review the Restaurant Express Permit applications in an effort to expedite restaurant permit approvals.  This new process relies on the customer’s ability to provide information and present complete documentation to ensure the City review can be expedited.

Please contact our dedicated team's primary contact Erik for more information: 

Erik Keshishian, Plan Review Supervisor (310) 285–1164

Email our Dedicated Team

How do I begin?

Anyone interested in participating in the Restaurant Express Permit Program is ask to set up an appointment to meet with the City Restaurant Development Team prior to submitting an application with the Community Development Department at (310) 285-1141.

Health Department Approval

In the City of Beverly Hills, environmental health regulations are enforced by the County of Los Angeles' Department of Environmental Health. 

Los Angeles County Health Department / Hollywood-Wilshire Office
3530 Wilshire Blvd, 9th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010
General Phone:  (213) 351-7896
Restaurant Plan Review Division: (213) 351-7352

Health Department plan review and inspections approvals are required for:

  • Restaurants
  • Public pools
  • Pools in multi-family buildings with 4 or more units
  • Facilities with X-ray machines


Question:     Which agency approves the plans for a restaurant first, Health Department or the City of Beverly Hills?
Answer:     Los Angeles County Health Department is required to approve plans before the City of Beverly Hills can review and approve plans.  The City is the official permitting agency.  Plans approved by the City cannot be changed without the approval of the City of Beverly Hills.
Question:   Which agency provides the final inspection on a restaurant first, Health Department or the City of Beverly Hills?
Answer:    Los Angeles County Health Department is required to provide final health inspection and approval before the City of Beverly Hills is requested to perform the final inspection for project completion.

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