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Welcome to the Building Plan Submittal web page for the Department of Community Development - Development Services Division. The information provided within is intended to assist designers, architects, and engineers with the Plan Review process requirements for submitting acurate and complete set of plans for review by the City of Beverly Hills.

Plan Check Services provided by the Community Development Department - Development Services Division include:

  • Building Plan Review
    • Architectural Plans
    • Structural Plans
    • Demolition Plans
    • Grading / Shoring Plans
    • Green Building Plans
    • Energy Plans
  • Mechanical Plan Review
  • Electrical Plan Review
    • Electric Vehicle Plans
    • Solar Panel Plans
  • Plumbing Plan Review
  • Water Efficient Landscape Plan Review

IMPORTANT PLAN CHECK NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2017: Plans and Permits submitted after January 1, 2017 will be subject to the 2016 California Codes.

2016 California Building Code
2016 California Residential Code
2016 California Electrical Code
2016 California Mechanical Code
2016 California Plumbing Code
2016 California Energy Code
2016 California Fire Code
2016 California Green Building Standards Code
2016 California Historical Building Code
2016 California Existing Building Code
2016 California Reference Standards Code

Projects currently under plan review have 180 days from date of application to be permitted once approved by the City of Beverly Hills Development Services Division. Plan checks that were not permitted before January 1, 2017 will not be eligible for plan check extension as stated in the Beverly Hills Administrative Code.

304.4 Expiration of Plan Review…An application shall not be extended if this code or any other pertinent laws or ordinances have been amended subsequent to the date of application. In order to renew action on an application after expiration, the applicant shall resubmit plans and pay a new plan review fee.”

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  1. All plans and calculations must be wet stamped and signed by the engineer/architect of record.
  2. All plans must be drawn to scale.
  3. Minimum plan sheet sizes accepted: ARCH B or ANSI B (11x17).
  4. All plans submitted shall have the design professional identified including but not limited to the Company Name, Business Address, and contact information included as part of the submitted plans.
  5. All plans shall have the project property address identified on all pages of the plan set.
  6. All plans shall have the owner of the project property identified. 
  7. Architectural Plans are required for submittal.  Minimum of Four (4) stapled sets for new construction and Two (2) stapled sets for other projects.
  8. Structural Plans are required for submittal.  Minimum of Four (4) stapled sets for new construction and Two (2) stapled sets for other projects. 
  9. One (1) set of Structural Calculations are required for submittal.
  10. All set of plans shall contain a site plan, plot plan, general notes and specifications, details, and a cover sheet.
  11. Effective immediately - Professional of record shall provide the City of Beverly Hills as-built, digital-format plans upon completion of construction, and prior to final building inspection. City of Beverly Hills Agreement to Provide Digital-Format Plans
  12. Effective immediately - All set of plans shall contain the City of Beverly Hills Inspection Record document as part of the proposed set of plans. City of Beverly Hills Inspection Records Document – I agree to incorporate this into my proposed set of plans without modifying or changing the information provided.
  13. Effective immediately - All set of plans shall contain the City of Beverly Hills Pre-Construction Meeting Topics as part of the proposed set of plans. Pre-Construction Meeting Topics
  14. All Single Family Residential Plans shall contain the City of Beverly Hills Single Family Residential Project Summary as part of the propsed set of plans. Single Family Residential Project Summary
  15. Projects requiring plans shall include a construction management plan time schedule to be submitted for review. Visit the Construction Management Plan webpage for detailed requirements
  16. New developments of habitable structures having four or more occupants shall complete an appropriate “standard-of-practice” geological investigation to ensure that active faults do not underlie the site or, if present, are appropriately mitigated by avoidance (structural setbacks). 2018 Site Specific Seismic Fault Investigation and Guidelines

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Expedited Plan Review Services are available upon request for both Building and Trade (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) plan reviews. The review is conducted by outside agencies contracting with the City, and incurs additional plan check fees payable at the time of plan submittal.

Expedited plan review services are only available for Building (structural and non-structural), Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Code plan reviews. It is not available for zoning or planning plan check, public works, fire, or any other dept reviews.

The turnaround time for expedited plan check is usually two-weeks for each plan review cycle. The review comments and associated corrections, and the redlined plans are returned to the applicant prior to any other dept review comments that are necessary on any project. The Expedited Plan Review Services do not expedite plan reviews for all necessary departments needed for plan approval. The Expedited Plan Review services focuses on technical California Building Code review.


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The documents in this section are used to review plans submitted to the Department for verification of code compliance and provides details, specifications, and requirements.

2008 Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards in California

2013 Mandatory Checklist for Additions-Alterations Residential Buildings

2016 Mandatory CALGreen Checklist for Residential Buildings

Beverly Hills Supplemental Plan Check Correction Checklist

Block Wall Standard Detail

Building Plan General Notes

CALGreen Addition and Alteration Non-Residential Checklist 2016

CALGreen New Construction Non-Residential Checklist 2016

CALGreen Residential Checklist 2016

City of Beverly Hills Inspection Record

Commercial Accessibility Plan Review Checklist

Concrete Shear Wall Plan Review Checklist

Construction Barriers & Canopies

Construction Management Plan

Construction Management Plan Form

Construction Management Plan Interactive Form

Construction Management Plan Template

Construction Management Plan Template - Interactive

Demolition Requirements

Energy Efficiency Plan Review Checklist

Federal Pool Safety Regulations

Fence & Canopy Standard Detail

Frontyard Paving

Interactive Construction Management Plan Form

Masonry Wall Design Plan Review Checklist

Mechanical Equipment Change-out Policy

Parking Standards

Plan Check Submittal Declaration

Pre-construction affidavit to provide digital-format plans

Pre-Construction Meeting Topics

Protected Tree Front and Side Yard Diagram

Protected Tree Measurement Illustration

Residential Accessibility Plan Review Checklist

SFR Project Summary Information

Single Family Dwelling Plan Check Correction Sheet

Solar Photovoltaic Installation Guidelines 2010

Storm Water - Best Management Practices - Check List

Storm Water - Best Management Practices - General Plan Notes

Storm Water - Best Management Practices - Owner Affidavit

Structural Observation Program

Structural Observation Report Form

Structural Plan Review Checklist

Supplemental Accessibility No. 1 Plan Review Checklist

Supplemental Accessibility No. 2 Plan Review Checklist

Supplemental Accessibility No. 3 Plan Review Checklist

Supplemental Accessibility No. 4 Plan Review Checklist

Supplemental Accessibility No. 5 Plan Review Checklist

Temporary Fence Requirements - Vacant Lot

Tree Removal Application - Private Property

Very High Fire Severity Zone Requirements

Water Efficient Landscape Regulations

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