Construction Management Plans

Effective January 1, 2011, as required by the Beverly Hills Administrative Code Section 303.4.1, a Construction Management Plan shall be submitted on projects with the following criteria:

  • Projects that require Building Plan Check
  • Projects that applied for a building permit on or after January 1, 2011

Construction Management Plan (CMP)

The Construction Management Plan, or CMP, is a document submitted with construction documents to the City in order to receive a permit for projects needing plan checks. The CMP sets out schedule deadlines and time limits for inspection milestones, in line with the City’s Technical Codes, that a project will meet. The CMP is submitted by the owner and must be approved before a permit can be issued. Once the CMP is approved, construction may begin and must be finished within 3 years, unless approved by the City Building Official.

Progress Milestones

  1. Inspections Required on the Construction Management Plan
  2. Demolition
  3. Grading
  4. Shoring and Excavation
  5. Basement / Subterranean Garage
  6. Footings & Foundations
  7. Concrete Slab or Under-Floor
  8. Lowest Floor Elevation
  9. Trades (Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire Sprinkler, etc.)
  10. Rough Framing
  11. Weather Proofing
  12. Lath and/or wallboard (Drywall)
  13. Site Grading / Landscaping
  14. Final Inspection (Job Completion)

Required Document
As required by the Beverly Hills Administrative Code Section 303.4.1, the following document is to be completed and submitted to the City of Beverly Hills as the official Construction Management Plan whenever required by code upon requesting a Building Permit. 

Download Construction Management Plan PDF Document
Download Construction Management Plan Interactive PDF Document

Construction Schedule
Total time to complete the project shall not exceed 3 years, unless approved in writing by the City Building Official prior to the building permit issuance. 

Permit Expiration
A permit will expire if the work and inspections required by the Completion Notice are not completed within 30 days. If a permit expires, a stop work order may be issued and the permitting process will have to begin again, with a new application, fee payment, CMP submission, and permit re-issuance.

Safety Deposit
Prior to receiving a building permit, a Safety Deposit is required. The amount of the Safety Deposit is set by the City Building Official and is used to impose safety measures, such as security fencing or waste removal, on a site if construction ceases, or deadlines are missed. It must be posted at a local financial institution in cash or as a structured letter of credit approved by the City Attorney, and available to be used unilaterally by the City. The amount of the safety deposit is set by the City Building Official and is used to impose safety measures on a site if construction ceases, or deadlines are missed. If the City draws on the Safety Deposit, the owner is required to deposit funds within 5 days to maintain the required balance until final inspection and issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

The following information explains how and why the safety deposit would be implemented as well as what a participant should do if the City is required to use the safety deposit.

  • The safety deposit implements measures to protect the public from any immediate and unreasonable risk of harm or danger on the project site.
  • The Safety deposit will be drawn from by the City in the event that construction ceases or an inspection milestone is missed.  The property owner will be notified with a completion notice identifying compliance within 30 days.
  • The safety deposit shall be used solely to procure construction site security fencing, removal of construction site solid waste, maintenance of landscaping, including lawns and parkways, or any other conditions determined by the city building official to be unsafe.
  • A failure or refusal by an owner to make or fund a required safety deposit or allow any work of construction to remain in an unsafe condition as determined by the building official and a nuisance and will be abated.
  • The owner shall deposit additional funds within five (5) business days of city's withdrawal, sufficient to maintain the required safety deposit amount at all times during the course of the work, until final inspection.
  • The safety deposit shall be in the form of cash or structured letter of credit satisfactory to the city attorney

Completion Notice
If any inspection milestone is missed, the City Building Official can issue a Completion Notice which requires completion of the work and inspection within 30 days.

Safety Order
For any condition that represents an immediate and unreasonable risk of harm or danger to the public, the City Building Official can issue a Safety Order requiring its immediate correction and use the Safety Deposit to protect the public if the owner doesn’t mitigate the risk.

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