ePlan Review

Beverly Hills Electronic Review is a web-based electronic plan and document workflow solution that lets citizens and government personnel initiate and complete the plan submission, review and approval process online, rather than using a manual, paper-based process. Building, Planning, Land Use, Environmental, Public Works and other agencies can use the Beverly Hills Electronic Review System for project-specific and cross-departmental communication, collaboration and coordination.

  • Building Plan Review
  • Electrical Plan Review
  • Mechanical Plan Review
  • Plumbing Plan Review
  • Planning Concept Reviews
  • Planning Entitlement Process
  • Public Works Traffic Plans
  • Other

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Benefits of ePlan Review (Online Plan Check)

1. Increased customer service through:

  • Accuracy of plan review corrections. Records are maintained and accessible to all involved parties.
  • Immediate electronic delivery of corrections
  • 24-hours submittal and correction retrieval services
  • Web based services that allow access from any internet provided. Special software is not needed.
  • Re-submittals turnaround time will be reduced by allowing the changes to be electronically identified.
  • Saves time in routing of plans to other departments (i.e. Fire Department, Public Works, etc..)
  • Partnership with Los Angeles County Department of Health Services to have plan review submitted through the City of Beverly Hills and routed to the health department.
  • Green environmental program to reduce the carbon footprint of travel and printing material for plans (paper, ink, etc.).

2. Reduction of Customer Costs

  • Printing cost
  • Cost of time and travel to City Hall
  • Cost of delivering & shipping plans
  • Time of appointments to submit
  • Permit expeditor service costs

3. Simplified Electronic Review Process



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