The City of Beverly Hills requires all new roofs to have a fire rating classification of Class A Fire-Rated, Non-Wood. Please be advised in order to perform any changes to roofs you must obtain a permit.

Using Cool Roof designs and products for the roof and building exterior can make a difference in the aesthetics and performance of the building. Cool Roofs and solar panels can benefit the building by moderating temperatures and reducing the need for cooling and heating. Solar panels on a roof can generate energy to offset the building’s electrical needs. Many different materials may be used provided the materials meets the rating of a Class A Fire-Rated, Non-Wood and meet Building Code requirements. Contact the materials manufacturer class rating information and compliance with the Beverly Hills Municipal Code.

Using green products for exteriors can improve air quality and insulation. Reducing the need for heating and cooling can lower utility bills. For more information about reroofing please see the information provided below or you may contact Building and Safety Inspector, Ronald Otamura at (310) 285-1159.


General Roofing Information    Permit Information     Plan Check Requirements     Architectural Design Review


General Roofing Information                                                                                           Back to Top

Who can I contact for any questions regarding general roofing?

Please contact Ronald Otamura at (310) 285-1159 for any roofing questions you may have. Operating business hours: 7:30-5:00 Monday – Friday.

What do Homeowners & Contractors need to know about re-roofing?

The City of Beverly Hills requires that all new roofs and replacement roofs be Class-A non-wood roofs.

What is the most important information for roofing installation?

The City of Beverly Hills requires all roofs to have a Class-A fire rating. 

It is necessary to know the type of and fire rating of the roof material to be installed and the building type of construction.

What kind of materials can I use?

Many different materials may be used provided it meets the rating of a Class A Fire-Rated, Non-Wood. For the Class fire-rating of the roofing materials, contact with the manufacturer of the selected product.

What are the requirements for buildings currently with Wood Roofs?
For wood roof information, please visit the Wood Roof Ordinance webpage.

Permit Information                                                                                                          Back to Top

Who do I need to contact in order to receive a permit?

Make an appointment with the Community Development Department to review and issue the roofing permit application. Contact via email or phone number: (310) 285-1159. Make a Permit Center Appointment.

What are the fees?

All fees for permitting are based on the valuation of the project (the total cost of the labor and materials). For an estimated cost of the permit fee, please visit

Do I need an appointment to obtain a permit?

Yes, an appointment is necessary to obtain a roofing permit.

What information do I need to obtain a permit?

What if I want to install solar panels?

An electrical permit is required to install solar panels. The solar company or licensed electrical contractor hired to install the solar panels needs to schedule an appointment with the City to review the solar panel system being installed for compliance with building and fire codes.

Plan Check Requirements                                                                                                Back to Top

Do I need a licensed contractor? A licensed contractor is always recommended. The City will verify that the contractor’s license is active and in good standing with the State of California Contractor’s License Board and that the contractor has the proper insurance for the contracted work.  A licensed contractor is required for any work being done over $500.00 per California law.

Do I need an inspection?

Yes, inspections are a requirement. The inspection process verifies the roofing material has been installed per the manufactures specifications, structural stability, and code compliance. Schedule an inspection

Architectural Design Review                                                                                       Back to Top

Modifications to single-family residences located in the Central Area of the City are subject to design review.  New roof designs and materials must be approved through the design review process prior to the issuance of a building permit and construction.  For questions about the Design Review process, and whether your project can be reviewed by City staff or the Design Review Commission, please contact Georgana Millican-Pascu, Associate Planner, at  The submittal requirements are listed in the application below.

Design Review Application Form

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