Annual Utility Blanket Permits

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An Annual Utility Blanket Permit is required to be applied for and obtained by the Utility Company (Southern California Gas Company and Southern California Edison only) and is to remain in good standing throughout the year of service. The Annual Utility Blanket Permit is not for utility work associated with private development. The Annual Utility Blanket Permit is valid for a maximum of one-year period in accordance with the calendar year.  Approved Annual Utility Blanket Permits will expire on January 31 of each calendar year.  Permit extensions shall be applied for and approved by the City prior to the expiration date.  Every jobsite that is to be included in the Annual Utility Blanket Permit shall have a Work Activity Notice (WAN) approval a minimum of 3-business days in advance of the work start date. Additional processing time may be required in accordance with the permit requirements, including but not limited to the required time for advanced notifications to the community.


  1. Routine inspection and maintenance of facilities.
  2. Adjustment of manhole or vault covers to grade.
  3. Repair or replacement of deteriorated equipment, parts or fittings on utility poles or within utility vaults.
  4. Utility potholing.
  5. Service cuts for repair, maintenance, inspection, installation or abandonment of utility services requiring an open cut less than 24 linear feet in length.
  6. Clearing overhead line requiring parking lane closure
  7. Graffiti removal from equipment and signs within eight hours of its appearance. If graffiti is not removed within allotted time, said equipment or signs from project site must be removed.
  8. Work activities performed as a part of this permit may incorporate the following limited types of closures in the public right-of-way:
    • Sidewalk closure (less than one block or 300 feet, whichever is less), and
    • Parking lane closure (less than one block or 300 feet, whichever is less).
    • Any combination of the above two types of closures.
    • All travel lanes must be maintained without detours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A Utility Excavation or Public-Right-of-Way Use and Street Use permits are required for all work not covered under this blanket permit.

Restricted Work Areas from Annual Blanket Utility Permit and Work Activity Notices

For complete information and restrictions, see the Annual Blanket Utility Permit requirements. Restricted work areas are summarized in the Restricted Area map. Click on the map image for full size map.

Annual Utility Blanket Permit Restriction Map


 How to Obtain an Annual Utility Blanket Permit?

  1. To apply for the annual permit complete the Annual Blanket Utility Permit ApplicationPermits will be valid for a maximum of 1 calendar year and will expire on January 31 of every year. 
  2. Download the Annual Utility Blanket Permit and submit it to 

How to obtain approval of Work Activity under the Annual Utility Blanket Permit?

  1. Apply for Work Activity approval using the Work Activity Notice Application.
  2. Download the Work Activity Notice (WAN) and submit it to

Annual Utility Blanket Process

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