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Before Getting Started

The following information has been organized to help contractors understand and manage project responsibilities. 


The City Building Official may require the posting of a bond prior to issuance of a permit where the nature of the work, if commenced and allowed to remain in an uncompleted state, would create a hazard to human life or endanger adjoining or other property, any street or street improvement, or any other public property. The bond shall be in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of eliminating any dangerous condition or geological hazard if the project is not properly performed or is not completed in a timely manner.

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Construction Documentation

Approved Plans, Issued Permits, Inspection Record Card, and other approved construction documents shall be maintained on the construction site at all times and shall be made readily available for the City Building Official, Building Inspectors, or designated representatives.

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Construction Fence

All construction sites are required to provide a construction fence or barricade to keep the public safe from the dangers of a construction site.

Download the Construction Fence Requirements

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Construction Parking

Special equipment and deliveries must drive entirely on site to load and unload. If site conditions do not permit on site deliveries a Street Use Permit is required. Construction project related vehicles are not allowed to park on streets of residential zones and must conform to the City-approved construction parking plan which may require shuttling plans.

View the Construction Parking Plan

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Construction Working Hours

Monday – Friday, 8am-6pm; otherwise with After Hour Permit only.

No Construction activities are allowed on Saturday and Sundays and the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day & Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • Yom Kippur.

For more information, please visit

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Noise Ordinance

Noise level at the property line for newly installed or replaced equipment on the property shall not exceed the ambient noise level by more than five decibels.

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Pools/Open Excavations

Pools and open excavations on construction projects shall be secured by providing a temporary fence barrier as required by local codes and/or CAL OSHA. 

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Pre-construction Meeting

A preconstruction meeting with the City and the project personnel will be required prior to beginning any new building or when required by the city. Preconstruction meetings are required for residential and commercial projects determined to have an impact on the community, neighbors, or tenants.

Pre-Construction Meeting Topics

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Public Right of Way Maintenance

Construction activities cannot block streets, alleys, or sidewalks with material, equipment, or dug up material unless a Right-of-Way Use permit is issued, interfere with traffic in any street or alley unless a Street Use permit is issued. 

Construction may not block traffic with construction or delivery vehicles near the entrance of a construction site. Should construction interfere with or pose a danger to pedestrians, a walkway should be constructed under a Right-of-Way use permit.

For more information view Maintenance of the Public Right of Way

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Required Reports/Certifications

Floor Elevations Surveys

For all new construction and when required by the City, a licensed surveyor must certify that the location of the footing forms is per the approved plans before foundations can be poured. The surveyor must provide a plot plan showing precise dimensions to the property lines and the elevation of the forms as compared with the reference elevation shown on the approved plans.

Building Height Surveys

For all new construction and when required by the city, a licensed surveyor must certify that the height of the building is in accordance with the approved plans. The surveyor must show the precise height of the building as compared with the reference elevation shown on the approved plans.

Weatherproofing Certification Report

An approved weatherproofing consultant must certify the installation of weatherproofing on all retaining walls, which are adjacent to interior areas of the building. The consultant will not be required if the installer is certified in writing by the manufacturer. At a minimum, an inspection and report will be required before plastering begins and before final approval is granted.

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Roofing Equipment Screening and Noise

Equipment enclosures and operating equipment, including associated ducting, location on the roof of a building shall be enclosed so as to be shielded from view in a horizontal plane or lower and so as to comply with City noise abatement provisions. The enclosure finish shall match that of the building exterior walls. Enclosures on buildings with non-residential uses shall be of non-combustible, opaque material. 

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Site Maintenance

Properties with construction and the right-of-way abutting such properties in the City shall be kept and maintained in a safe, clean, orderly, sanitary and aesthetic condition. 

Construction debris should not be stored on the property in excess amounts. Food and food wrappings should be disposed in a trash container with a lid at all times.

Construction related personnel shall not litter on public or neighboring private property.

Dust control is required on all construction projects. 

The Public Parkway Maintenance shall be maintained by the owner/general contractor throughout the construction project as required by Beverly Hills Municipal Code.

Building and Safety provides contractors with a checklist to assist in proper site maintenance.

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Storm & Waste Water Ordinance/Dumping In the Street

The following requirements apply throughout the project: 

  • Sediment, construction waste, and other pollutants must be kept on the construction site as much as possible.
  • Any sediment or other materials not kept on the site must be removed the same day, unless the director of the Department of Public Works approves installation of a temporary sediment barrier.
  • In case of emergency, a plastic covering may be used to prevent erosion of an unprotected area, along with runoff devices to safely divert the runoff.
  • Dug-up soil must be located on the site in a way that minimizes the amount of sediments running into the street or neighboring properties. Soil piles must be covered until the soil is either used or removed.
  • Washing construction or other vehicles next to a construction site is prohibited. No water from washing vehicles on a construction site is allowed to run off into the city’s storm drain system.

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Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

If the Building Official finds that no substantial hazard will result from occupancy of any building or portion thereof before the same is completed, the Building Official may issue a temporary certificate of occupancy for the use of a portion or portions of a building or structure prior to the completion of the entire building or structures; provided a cash deposit is made in accordance with Beverly Hills Municipal Code. Applications for a temporary certificate of occupancy shall be submitted with the required fee and shall be paid prior to issuance. 

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Temporary Power Poles

All temporary power poles shall be properly wired, grounded, erected and secured as required by Code. Poles must be accessible with required working clearances throughout construction.

Temporary utility service will be released directly to the utility company by the City Inspector once the work has been permitted, installed in accordance with applicable codes and inspected.

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Temporary Toilet Facilities

Before the start of construction of any building or structure, and before any remodel where all toilet facilities are temporarily removed, a temporary water-flushed or approved chemical toilet shall be installed and maintained for the use of the workers.

If a water-flushed toilet is used, such toilet shall be connected to the sewer, and the vent pipe with an air admittance valve may be used for the temporary installation. It shall be located with two feet of the rear property line and shall be set back at least 20 feet from any other property line, unless the City Building Official approves an alternate location because the requirements of this subsection prevent servicing the toilet or are otherwise infeasible.

A temporary toilet shall not be located on public property without the permit and approval of the Director of Public Works.

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Temporary Water Service and Dust Control

It is required that all construction sites maintain water service to the project during all phases to mitigate dust and maintain the public parkway landscape. It is the owner’s and contractor’s responsibility to have the appropriate water source sized to provide the demanded needs of the proposed project. Projects with grading and compaction may require larger-sized water sources.

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Tenant Notification of Pending Construction

Before a permit can be issued for the alteration/repair/rehabilitation of a building which required an applicant to prepare a construction means and method plan, the applicant must certify that all tenants of the property will be notified within ten days following the issuance of the permit. No work shall commence under the permit until ten days after all tenants are notified. This notice shall either be hand-delivered to each tenant of the property of sent by certified mail, return receipt requested.

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Tree Protection

Trees located on the sidewalk or parkway directly in front of a construction site must be protected from being damaged by construction activity.  Native and Heritage trees located on private property must also be protected.  Protection of trees must be in accordance with an arborist’s recommendation for the specified tree species.

Changing, damaging, moving, trimming, or generally interfering with trees on public property, including parkways, is prohibited.

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Commercial Waste Disposal

The City of Beverly Hills' Commercial Services Division provides routine and special solid waste services for all businesses and multi-family dwellings in the City. For information on commercial and residential roll-off bin permit please click here.

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