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Trousdale Construction Deliveries

Trousdale Estates Area Construction Special Transportation - Related Measures


Effective September 1, 2015 vehicle inspection certifications will be charged an inspection fee of $227.20 per vehicle; $102.20 per trailer

The City of Beverly Hills desires to enhance the safety for residents and workers in the Trousdale Estates area in recognition of the significant levels of construction-related activity and the street grades. On June 17, 2014, the Beverly Hills City Council directed staff to implement a series of measures to address large trucks travelling to/from construction sites in the area and construction-related parking. The City will also be adding signage and striping to the primary streets in the area to enhance general motor-vehicle safety. The City will be monitoring the effectiveness of these measures and will likely fine-tune them over time. However, all of these conditions are applicable until you are officially notified to the contrary. The City has adopted measures for vehicle and traffic safety outlined in this document, and has established a gross weight limit of 50,400 lbs. for all construction related vehicles travelling to and through the Trousdale Estates area. 

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