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Trousdale Construction Hauling

General Contractors must complete a Construction Traffic Management Plan and an Acknowledgment Form prior to obtaining approval to haul within the Trousdale Estates.

The City must be notified via email at least 24 hours in advance of any hauling activity for vehicles subject to the City’s Heavy Vehicle Inspection process (exceeds 26,000 pounds GVW or 10,00 pounds with 3 or more axles).

Trousdale Notification of Hauling Form

The contractor must receive a reply email from the City, acknowledging receipt and approval for hauling in the Trousdale Estates area, prior to the truck arriving in the Trousdale Estates area.

Haul Times: Between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:15 PM 
Specific Haul Routes: Zone 1 & Zone 2

No vehicle with a gross weight of 50,400 pounds or more may travel on any street within the Trousdale Estates Area. If a truck exceeding 50,400 pounds is approved for use in the Trousdale Estates area, additional conditions will be required. 

Parking Restrictions

No more than two hauling or construction related vehicles associated with a single construction site may park on a public street.

Potential off-site parking facilities

Questions? Call (310) 285-1168 or email

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