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How to View ePlan Corrections

How Do I View ePlan Corrections?

Answer: The instructions below should help alleviate the issue:

Please follow instructions below to resolve the “unable to load resource module” error message. These instructions are based on Windows 10 and the recommended browser is Internet Explorer version 10 or 11 

Corrections cannot be viewed on Chrome, Safari, FireFox, or Edge

You will need to add into your Internet Explorer Compatibility List:

 ProjectDox Image1

  ProjectDox Image2

You will then need to Add * to your Internet Explorer Trusted Sites list:

ProjectDox Image3

ProjectDox Image4

ProjectDox Image5

Next, you will need to turn off the Internet Explorer Pop-Up blocker:

ProjectDox Image6

ProjectDox Image7

Step 19: Type in *

ProjectDox Image8

You are all done!  Please try to pull up your drawing one more time. You will be prompted to “Install” a ActiveX component which you will need to Allow/Install it.

On a work Network Environment?

  1. The user account need to have this installed not administrative or shared accounts.
  2. User Access Controls need to be set to lowest levels before installing the Internet Explorer ActiveX plug-in. This settings can be restored after installation and successful viewing of plans.
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