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How to View or Download ePlan Corrections

How Do I View or Download ePlan Corrections?

Answer: In order to view and download your corrections to a PDF file, you will have to install our ePlan plugin by following our instructions below.

Some of the most common issues and errors that customers see are:

  • "Adobe Flash" plugin required (Note: Adobe Flash has been discontinued. Our system does not utilize Adobe Flash, so please make sure you are using Internet Explorer to view your corrections)
  • "Unable to load resource module from"
  • Plans do not load and you're seeing a blank screen
  • "There was a failure downloading the Integration Dll"


The required browser to install our ePlan Plugin is Internet Explorer

Corrections cannot be viewed on Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge

MAC OS users: We recommend configuring Boot Camp to dual boot with a Windows 10 Operating System, or running Windows 10 on a MAC OS virtually.

Computers that are part of a domain network will require additional steps, and you may contact our ePlan Support team using the email address below to guide you through the additional steps.

If you are having trouble with our ePlan System, or require technical assistance, please send us an email:


You will need to add into your Internet Explorer Compatibility List:

 ProjectDox Image1

  ProjectDox Image2

You will then need to Add * to your Internet Explorer Trusted Sites list:

ProjectDox Image3

ProjectDox Image4

ProjectDox Image5

Next, you will need to turn off the Internet Explorer Pop-Up blocker:

ProjectDox Image6

ProjectDox Image7

Step 19: Type in *

ProjectDox Image8

You are all done!  Please try to pull up your drawing one more time. You will be prompted to “Install” a ActiveX component which you will need to Allow/Install it.

If you're still unable to successfully install the ePlan Plugin, please verify if your  computer is part of a domain network and follow our guide below. You may need assistance from your IT person/company for the next steps.

Installing the ePlan plugin on a computer that is part of a domain network?

  1. The installation of the plugin requires elevated rights, so your IT person/company will need to add your domain/AD account to the Local Administrator group through Computer Management on the computer.
  2. Follow the steps above to successfully install the ePlan Plugin in Internet Explorer.
  3. Once the plugin is installed, your IT person/company can remove your domain/AD account from the Local Administrator group to maintain security.
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