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Resubmitting Corrections

Incomplete Plan Corrections Review Requested Corrections If corrections are requested following the formal review cycle(s) of your drawings, follow the steps below: You will receive an e-mail notification from the Permit Coordinator requesting revised documents.

  1. Using Internet Explorer 11 browser, Click the link in your e-mail to access the Beverly Hills Electronic Review site.
  2. Login to the Beverly Hills Electronic Review system. The Applicant Resubmit task will display at the bottom of the main page with your permit/project number under the heading “Project Name” (ie. BS1112558). Click on Applicant/Resubmit to access comments and mark-ups.PDoxImage1
  3. Select Export to Excel by clicking on the Excel Icon to download a spreadsheet of all checklist review comments. To use this file as a correction response document, insert column with response information.PDoxImage2
  4. Declaration check boxes need to be read, reviewed, and selected.
    1. Checkboxes 1 and 2 are confirmation that you have read and corrected the issues
    2. Checkbox 3 is confirmation you have uploaded all new and/or corrected files
    3. Should you have issues with this step, see other questions below.
  5. Resubmit Complete button

Having Issues with the Complete button not activating (Step 4 above)?

Try un-checking and re-checking the boxes.  The "Complete" button will activate.

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