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Affordable Housing Programs

The Community Development Department administers affordable housing units available in the City of Beverly Hills. This includes several rental units that are available to members of the public that meet certain income criteria. 

Currently, two studio apartments are available for rent by moderate-income households

Per the state, moderate-income household gross annual income (which can include assets) is as follows:

1 person household: between $63,100 and $64,900
2 person household: between $72,100 and $74,200
3 person household: between $81,100 and $83,500

8600 Affordable Studios - Flyer

Information on when and how to submit an application is provided in the flyer and the application below and at

For additional information or questions on the application or process contact Millie at (562) 200-7193 Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM or at

The City has a specific order of priority for placing tenants in affordable unitsAffordable Units - Priority List is outlined below:

Tier 1: Senior tenants displaced from the 8600 Wilshire site
Tier 2: Tenants with BHUSD students displaced from 8600 Wilshire site
Tier 3: Other tenants displaced from 8600 Wilshire site
Tier 4: Displaced senior households from a multi-family property in the City of Beverly Hills
Tier 5: Displaced tenants from a multi-family property in the CIty of Beverly Hills with BHUSD students
Tier 6: Other displaced households
Tier 7: Senior households
Tier 8: Other income-qualified households


General questions and to receive emails about affordable housing in the City please email

  • City of Beverly Hills Shield
  • City of Beverly Hills
  • 455 North Rexford Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • (310) 285-1000
  • Monday-Thursday 7:30AM-5:30PM
  • Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM
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