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Multi-Family Regulations

Multi-family residential development in the city is regulated by the Beverly Hills Zoning Code; certain provisions in state law may apply to new projects, as well.  For more information on the development standards applicable to a new multi-family residential development, as well as state provisions that may apply, please refer to the document below:

Multi-Family Development Guidelines

If you are unsure whether your property is zoned for multi-family residential development, please consult the Beverly Hills GIS. The following zones are multi-family residential: R-4, R-4X1, R-4X2, and R-3.

New multi-family buildings require review by both the Planning Commission and the Architectural Commission. These are not concurrent processes – rather, you would need to obtain approval by the Planning Commission first before scheduling the project’s review at the Architectural Commission.

For more information on multi-family development in the city and/or the Planning Commission review process, please contact a planner by calling 310-285-1141 or sending an email to

For more information on the architectural review process, please contact Christine Delostrinos at 310-285-1125 or

If you have questions about rent stabilization as it relates to multi-family properties in the City, please visit the City’s Rent Stabilization Division to learn more.


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