Historic Resource Surveys

Citywide Historic Resources Survey

The City of Beverly Hills Community Development Department is undertaking its citywide historic resources survey to identify places of social, historical and architectural significance.  Survey teams and photographers will be in various areas of the City completing the surveys.  The visual assessments are completed from the public right-of-way and include photographing properties and taking notes using laptop and tablet computers.  Surveyors will not collect any private or personal information and the survey teams will not need to interview owners or residents.

The overall purpose of the survey is to record information on potential historic resources in Beverly Hills.  No properties will receive formal historic designation as a result of the surveys; this is a separate process subject to public notification, participation and review.

The City has contracted with the consulting firm, Historic Resources Group, to complete the surveys.  Survey work will resume in early 2016 following the completion of the Historic Preservation Ordinance Update.

Consultants’ methodology:                                                          

  • Pre-survey research
  • Draft a Historic Context Statement
  • Fieldwork Phase I: Reconnaissance Survey
  • Property & neighborhood-specific research
  • Fieldwork Phase II: Intensive Documentation
  • Produce Final Survey Report, Maps, & Database

Information – Identification – Certainty 

For additional information, please contact Reina Kapadia, Associate Planner, at 310-285-1129 or via e-mail at rkapadia@beverlyhills.org.

"Beverly Hills This Week" Video on the Citywide Historic Survey

Citywide Survey Documents

June 2013 Historic Resources Survey Community Meeting

2013 Consultant Submission - Historic Resources Group

2013 Historic Resources Survey FAQs

Prior Historic Resources Surveys

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