Affordable Housing Incentives

Multi-family Development Standards

The City's multi-family (R-4) development standards provide for densities ranging from 26 to 48 units per acre, with the permitted density based on the following factors: number of contiguous lots comprising the site; proximity of the block to single-family zoned areas; and street width.  Permitted building heights range from between three to five stories.  The City offers flexibility in its development standards through several provisions:

  • Efficiency Unit Bonus: To encourage the provision of smaller, more affordable units, one additional efficiency unit is permitted per project above the maximum densities specified under zoning.

  • R-4 Permit: Projects may be permitted to deviate from the basic R-4 development standards within specific criteria.  The R-4 permit allows for modifications in building height, length, setbacks and articulation, depth of garages that encroach into the front yard, and permitted paving in the front yard.

  • Bonus Units Above Garages: On R-4 properties where the rear property line abuts an alley, bonus units of up to 999 square feet may be developed above a free standing garage or carport.

Fee Reductions

The City currently exempts projects containing very low, low and moderate income units from certain development impact fees, specifically the Dwelling Unit Tax, and the Parks and Recreation Construction Tax.  In addition, the CUP (Conditional Use Permit) fee may be waived for affordable senior and disabled housing developmed under the City's modified standards.  The City will be undertaking a fee study to evaluate additional fee waivers or reductions for projects containing affordable units.

Density Bonus Incentives

Per State policy, the City offers density bonus incentives to projects with five or more units in exchange for the provision of affordable units or senior housing.  The amount of density bonus varies according to the amount by which the percentage of affordable housing exceeds the State's established minimum percentage, but generally ranges from 20-35 percent above the specified General Plan density (see table below).  In addition to the density bonus, eligible projects may receive 1-3 additional development incentives, depending on the proportion of affordable units and level of income targeting.

 Density Bonus Calculation:

Affordability Category

% Affordable Units in Project

Eligible Density Bonus

Eligible Additional Development Incentives

Very Low Income (0-50% Area Median Income)




6% and above

2.5% add’l bonus for each 1% increase in affordable  units, up to 35% max

Two to Three

Lower Income (51-80% Area Median Income)




11% and above

1.5% add’l bonus for each 1% increase in affordable units, up to 35% max

Two to Three

Moderate Income (81-120% Area Median Income) Ownership only




11% and above

1% add’l bonus for each 1% increase in affordable units, up to 35% max

Two to Three

Senior Living

Beverly Hills Senior Living
225 N. Crescent Dr.
(310) 475-6083 

Very Low Income Senior/Disabled Housing

  • 1.58 acres
  • 150 units
  • 111 one-bedroom units (550 square feet)
  • 39 efficiency units (415 square feet)
  • 4 story building (56 feet)
  • 64 parking spaces (reduced from 151 required)
  • 95 dwellings/acre

Sunrise Assisted Living
201 N. Crescent Dr.

Congregate Care Facility/Assisted Living

  • 0.52 acres
  • 80 units
  • 5-story building (55 feet)
  • 41 parking spaces (reduced from 80 required)
  • 153 dwellings/acre 


220 N. Clark Dr.

Assisted Living

  • 0.42 acres
  • 64 units
  • 5-story building (55 feet)
  • 64 parking spaces required and provided
  • 151 dwellings/acre


Potential Affordable Housing Sites

Click here to view an inventory of potential affordable housing sites in the City.

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