Housing Element

2014 - 2021 Housing Element Update

What is the Housing Element?


 Housing Element Documents Available!

Each city in the State is required to have a housing element as part of its general plan, and each city must update the element regularly. 

The housing element addresses State requirements for housing, and includes the City's housing goals, policies and programs.  The housing element is a guide for ensuring that existing and future housing needs of the community are met. 

The City is currently in the process of updating the Housing Element to establish goals, policies, and programs for the 2014-2021 period.



The 2014-2021 Housing Element is available. Please click on the links below to view the documents. 

2014-2021 Housing Element

Appendix A: Community Profile

Appendix B: Potential Constraints on Housing Production

Appendix C: Housing Resources

Appendix D: Review of Past Accomplishment

Appendix E: Public Participation

 What is New in the 2014-2021 Update?


 Update Process

The Draft 2014-2021 Housing Element reconfirms that seniors, disabled persons, and single parents living in Beverly Hills are in greatest need of affordable housing. The update also indicates that many professional and service oriented employees working in the City could also qualify for affordable housing based on income.

The proposed 2014-2021 update continues many of the City's existing housing programs, including those encouraging the development of affordable housing for senior and disabled persons, greater ability for homeowners to constuct second units, exploring changes to the City development standards for apartments and condominiums, and establishing a City affordable housing requiremnent for new apartments and condominiums.


June 24, 2013 - Document Released for Public Review

June 27, 2013 - Planning Commission recommended submitting draft to State for review

August 6, 2013 - City Council recommended submitting draft to State for review

August 2013 - Draft Element sent to the State

December 2013 - City Council Hearing on Final Element

Stay Involved!


Housing Survey

Public input is important throughout the housing element update process.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Timmi Tway, Assistant Planner, Community Development Department at (310) 285-1122.


The City is seeking your input on what types of housing is most important for the community. 

Click here to take the Housing Survey


Housing Element Update Timeline



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