Public Notice Requirements

Changes to Public Noticing Requirements for Planning Applications

Information for Applicants

The City of Beverly Hills is updating the requirements for public noticing of Planning Applications.  Planning staff will work with project applicants to determine the correct noticing for each application at the time of submittal.  Please see the information below for a brief summary of the changes. 

Public Notice Guidelines: 

Please reference the Public Notice Guidelines for informaiton on how to comply with the new public notice requirements. The Guidelines can be downloaded here



New code language:

Public noticing requirements for planning applications will be consolidated into a new section of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code 10-3-2.5.  Code language can be viewed here.  A table outlining the new changes can be found here.  The charts below provide a summary of the new requirements for each planning application.


Mailed notices:

Mailed notices in the Central Area of the City, where streets are oriented in blocks, will now require mailing to all owners and residential occupants of properties on a block-face if any property on a block receives a notice. A map of the areas of the City can be found here.  For example, a 100 foot + block-face requirement is illustrated below (properties that require notice are shaded in grey).

The mailing radius requirements for various applications are as follows:


Posted notices: 

The following applications will now require on-site posted notices: 

Posted notice are required to be on-site Staff will work with the project applicant for each project to determine the process of posting the subject property in compliance with the new regulations.


Newspaper notices:

The requirements for newspaper noticing are not changing.  The requirements for newspaper noticing can be found here.


 A summary of the public notice changes can be downloaded by clicking here.


Please contact Timothea Tway, Associate Planner, at (310) 285-1122 or if you have any questions.




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