Zoning Code Reorganization

     Reorganizing the City's Zoning Code will improve the Code's readability and user-friendliness.

Zoning Codes establish how land in the City can be used, and what can be built on each property.  The Beverly Hills Zoning Code is located in Title 10 of the City's Municipal Code.  

The intent of reorganizing the Zoning Code is to rearrange the language in the existing Code so that requirements and regulations governing similar uses of land and buildings are grouped together.  

The resulting Zoning Code will be easier to read and more user-friendly.  Reorganization is also expected to improve the community's ability to apply the City's Zoning Code to development projects, and may reduce the time required to issue zoning approvals and in some cases building permits.


   Draft Outline - Available Now!



The City has contracted Dyett & Bhatia, Urban and Regional Planners to develop a draft outline for reorganizing the City's Zoning Code. The new organization includes helpful illustrations and tables.

Reorganization is Needed because the Zoning Code was established many years ago and, over time, has been updated with new requirements. As a result, development standards and other requirements for using land and constructing buildings are oftentimes not located in one area making it hard to apply the City's requirements.



Be Involved!

Once the City's Zoning Code language has been rearranged in the draft outline, the community will have an opportunity to view and comment on the new and improved layout and arrangement.  

For More Information – Please Contact Michele McGrath, Principal Planner, Community Development Department at: (310) 285-1135 or mmcgrath@beverlyhills.org.


 Reorganization will not change requirements.

Reorganization will make the Code easier to read and apply.






Examples of the reorganized Zoning Code:

 View a presentation on the proposed Zoning Code Reorganization [July 11, 2013 Planning Commission]





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