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Public Right-of-Way & Hauling Permits

The Community Development Department administers permits that govern activity in the public right-of-way. The following permit services are available:

Heavy Hauling

No separate permit is required for construction-related hauling. The hauling of construction debris, material, or equipment is regulated in conjunction with Building, Grading, Demolition, or Public Right-of-Way Use permits.

Permit applicants are responsible for abiding by all hauling conditions listed on the aforementioned construction permits.

Vehicles exceeding 6,000 lbs. (gross vehicle weight), or wider than 8'-6", may only travel on streets designated for heavy vehicle usage (also reference the Approved Heavy Haul Street Map at right). 

If it is necessary for a vehicle to deviate from the designated streets to reach its destination address, the vehicle shall travel by a route so that the point of travel is the shortest possible distance over prohibited streets.  However, if the additional distance of travel to reach the shortest route would exceed two miles, the vehicle may take the most direct route to its destination.

Hauling that meets the following criteria may require engineering investigations, routing definition, coordination, police escort, and control of permit movement:

  • Loads in excess of 14 feet wide.
  • Loads in excess of 135 feet in overall length.
  • Loads that are of a weight that require:
    • More than a 13-axle, single-vehicle width hauling combination, or
    • A 13-axle, single-vehicle width hauling combination with a load deck where the inner axles in the groups bordering the load deck are 40 feet or more apart, or
    • Two or more side-by-side vehicles with a combined width of 14 feet or more supporting the load.

Hauling fees are assessed on the aforementioned permits are as follows:

  • Single Trip: $16.00 per trip - up to ten (10) trips
  • Multi-Trip: $90.00 - annual fee; allows for unlimited hauling unless otherwise noted on permit

Please Note:

  • Hauling is not regulated for non-construction merchandise deliveries; however, the City does regulate State weight limits.
  • Hauling State weight limits are regulated when traveling through the City of Beverly Hills from a point of origin to a destination outside the City limits (exception: some oversize hauling may require engineering investigations, routing definition, coordination, police escort, and control of permit movement)
  • In accordance with Beverly Hills Municipal Code section 8-2-11.P. No person managing a work site and no person directing vehicles which are delivering or picking up goods or materials shall permit the staging of those vehicles in a public right-of-way. For purposes of this subsection, the term "staging" shall be defined as stopping a vehicle in the public right-of-way at or near the entrance to a construction site behind another vehicle that is awaiting the delivery or pick up of goods or materials. 

Public Right-of-Way Use Permit

A Public Right-of-Way Permit is required for any activity (e.g. loading/unloading of construction materials, cranes, ladders, dumpster, construction barricades) that uses public right-of-way including but not limited to sidewalks, parkways, streets, and public property.

Loading/unloading of construction materials on private property does not require a Public Right-of-Way Use permit.

Samples of activity requiring permits include:

  • Loading / Unloading Construction Materials;
  • Cranes;
  • Ladders;
  • Dumpsters;
  • Construction Barricades;
  • Street Closures (partial or full);

Use of the public right-of-way typically requires that City-provided “No Parking” signs be posted in the parkway adjacent to the right-of-way.

  • Payment for, and receipt of, "No Parking" signs takes place in conjunction with Public Right-of-Way permit issuance.  These City-provided "No Parking" signs must be posted by the permitee, and verified by Beverly Hills Police Department, a minimum of 24 Hours in advance of permitted work. The permitee is to notify Police Dispatch at (310) 550-4875 when signs have been posted.

Bottom dump and transfer trucks type vehicles are not allowed in the City of Beverly Hills.

  • Any authorized dumpsters, equipment, or vehicles shall not be allowed to remain overnight except as authorized and permitted by street closures permits.
  • 18 Wheel Vehicles and Cranes require traffic plan approval by the City Traffic Engineer
    • Traffic plans must be submitted 96 hours (4 Days) in advance of scheduled work during normal working hours. Work performed during evenings and weekends will be subject to After Hours permit(s), upon approval by the City Traffic Engineer.

Traffic Plans

18 Wheel Vehicles and Cranes to be parked on the public right-of-way require a traffic plan approval by City Traffic Engineer.

  • Traffic Plans must be submitted four Business Days (96 hours) in advance of scheduled work during normal business hours. Work performed during evenings and weekends will be subject to after hours permit(s) upon approval by City Traffic Engineer.
  • Police Department Escorts may be required when vehicle or load sizes exceed the dimension of 8 feet in width.
  • 18 wheel vehicles to destinations north of Sunset Blvd will require police escorts and a minimum of 72 hours in advance of vehicle activity.
Traffic Plan Requirements
  • Plot Plan of Working Area
  • Street Names
  • Quantity of Lanes impacted
  • Location of work
  • Vehicle Parking Locations
  • Construction Sign Locations
  • Traffic Control Handbook – Delineation Codes
Traffic Plan Application and Submittal Process
  • Complete Heavy Haul and Street Use permit applications
  • Completed After Hours permit application (if needed)
  • Only 1 copy of plan is required for submittal and approval – Must be submitted for approval a minimum of 4 days before work begins
  • Insurance certificate - Insurance Requirements
  • 1 Million General Liability (each occurrence)
  • 1 Million Dollar Auto Liability (each occurrence)
  • Certificate holder with City as Additional Insured
  • Applications and plans must be submitted through the City Hall Permit Center during regular business hours.

Utility Permit

Utility permits, along with plan submittal of proposed work, are issued only to utility companies, and are required before any utility company performs any work in the public right-of-way.

Insurance certificate - Insurance Requirements

Excavation Permit

An Excavation permit is required for any excavation in the public right-of-way.

To obtain any of the above permits, permit applicants will be required to supply:

  1. Valid insurance certificates for General Liability Coverage with a minimum limit of $1 million ($2 million for new construction)
  2. Valid insurance certificate for Auto Liability Coverage with a minimum limit of $1 million.

After Hours Permits

After Hours permits are issued only for construction projects located within Commercial Properties. To qualify for an After Hours permit the construction site must be located a minimum of 500 feet from residential zones. After Hours permits are not issued for residential projects.

After Hours Application

Additional Applications/Documents

Annual Blanket Utility Permit Application

Annual Utility Blanket Permit Requirements

Annual Utility Blanket Permit Restriction Map

Application - After Hours

Application - Police Escort Request

Application - Public Right of Way Excavation

Application - Public Right of Way Use & Hauling

Application - Utility Improvements

Approved Heavy Hauling Routes

Insurance Example Number 1

Insurance Example Number 2

Insurance Example Number 3

Public Right-of-Way Fee Schedule

Sewer Lateral Locations - North of Santa Monica Blvd.

Sewer Lateral Locations - South of Santa Monica Blvd.; North of Wilshire Blvd.

Sewer Lateral Locations - South of Wilshire Blvd.

Utility Work Activity Notice

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