Duplication of Plans

Here are the steps to request copies of building plans:

1.  Verify the Development Services Division Records Dept. has the requested plans by submitting a Public Records Request Form.

It is recommended the requestor submit a Public Records Request Form to the Development Services Division Records Dept. to verify if plans are on file and/or to review the plans before ordering.  You can access the Public Records Request Form by accessing the Duplication of Documents webpage. Email the Public Records Request Form to buildingandsafetyinfo@beverlyhills.org.

2.  Complete the required paperwork.

No copies can be made without written permission from both the property owner and the licensed professional who signed the plans. (Health and Safety Code 19851.) If the building is part of a common interest development (i.e. condominium), the written permission of the board of directors or governing body of the association established to manage the common interest development (HOA representative) is required. In addition, the requestor(s) must sign the Plan Duplication Request Affidavit and Permission Forms.


  • The requestor is responsible for completing the affidavit and obtaining the owner's permission. If owner is requesting plans, proof of ownership is required (i.e. Los Angeles County Assessor property tax bill or deed.) In addition, the affidavit must be notarized. Permission forms do not need notarization.
  • The City will only accept original and signed plan duplication forms with wet signatures--no copies, faxes or electronic versions accepted.  


3. Submit the completed forms to the Development Services Records Dept.

When the forms are completed, please call the Development Services Division Records Department at (310) 285-1141 to arrange the submittal of required documents.

4.  Pay the required fees.

All fees charged per the City's Schedule of Fees--this includes mailing and duplication costs.

Once the completed affidavit and permission forms are received, including the form for the professional of record, the Development Services Records Department will send a request letter to professionals(s) of record via certified mail. If the professional does not respond after 30 days of receipt or the certified mail is returned undeliverable, the City may allow the plans to be duplicated without the professional's approval if the other requirements are satisfied. If the professional denies the request, the City cannot release plans for duplication.

If the plans are maintained on microfilm or in electronic format, the cost to duplicate is $5.30 per CD. For large format hard copies of plans, duplication costs are $25.20 processing fees plus $6.00 per sheet. If the plans cannot be duplicated by the Records Dept., the City will utilize its reprographic contractor to pick up and copy the plans. Following is the contact information for the contractor:

     ARC Graphics
     900 South Robertson Blvd.
     Los Angeles, CA 90035

The requestor is responsible for paying the duplication costs, whether in-house or through ARC Graphics. Large format hard copy fees must be paid in advance prior to printing.

Please note that the process to obtain copies of official building plans may take up to 45 days once we receive your completed paperwork, due to the legally required permissions process. All plan duplication request fees are non-refundable.

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