• What City parks are in Beverly Hills?
  • Are dogs allowed in the City's Parks?
  • How do I report unusual activity (non-emergency)?
  • How can I get permits for park usage?
  • What are the field restrictions to play football, soccer and other pick up sports at the parks?
  • Can I bring in my own bbq or grill to the park?
  • Is bike riding allowed in the park?
The City offers a number of world-class recreation and park facilities for your enjoyment, including beautifully maintained green space, convenient parking and courteous staff. Please visit City Parks to see where all the City Parks are located.
Dogs are allowed in all parks except Greystone Park. Per Beverly Hills Municipal Code (B.H.M.C.) 5-2.202, all dogs in parks must remain controlled on leashes of no more than six feet in length.
Contact the Greystone Park office at (310) 285-6830.
The City of Beverly Hills offers you a choice of well-maintained, private facilities that provide all the amenities to make your next event memorable. For more information, visit Facility Rentals & Reservations.
In order to maintain adequate field conditions and ensure the safety of our patrons, all group sports of six or more shall require a City issued permit. Cleats are not allowed to be worn on any field unless allowed by issued permit (B.H.M.C. 8-1.07).
In order to preserve and maintain site-appropriate park usage, use of personal barbecues, hibachis, smokers, or any type of open fire, is prohibited (B.H.M.C. 8-1.07). Public tables and site BBQs are available on both a reservation and "first-come" basis at La Cienega Park and Roxbury Park.
Due to typical high volume of park usage and number of walkways available, bicycle usage is currently not permitted at any park (B.H.M.C. 8-1.07).
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