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Meditation Monday

Take a moment for some self-care with meditation videos shot on the grounds of Greystone. Breathe in, breathe out, and find your calm.

The moon glides over cypress trees at dusk.


Enjoy the sounds of birds as you gaze at the clear blue sky over the mansion and front hillside.



Enjoy the stillness of a water lily as the water gently flows past.


Send your mind wandering down a row of lavender


Slow down your pace with a turtle taking in life at the pond at dusk.


Spend a few minutes beside the fountain and let the sound of the water provide an oasis of calm.


Let the steady stream of water allow a moment of contemplation


Birdsong and one pink lily blossom provide solitude on an overcast morning.


Enjoy a calm grey morning with hawks gazing over the cedar trees.


Reflections of the world above the water are affected by occasional glimpses of fish swimming through the watery mirror.


Let birds singing on a grey May morning bring you a moment of calm


Spend a few moments in the inner courtyard, watching the constant cycle of water moving through the fountains.


Find a moment for a deep breath by the lavender and wall fountain in Cypress Lane


Pause by the willow pond today and take a few deep breaths.


Roses frame the formal garden fountain, providing a moment of contemplation.


Spend a few moments by the reflection pond with the water lilies and the koi.


Let your mind rest or soar with the birds as they fly in and out of this green oasis by a waterfall.


Breathe deeply and imagine the fragrance of these early spring roses while birds chirp in the background.


Celebrate the first Monday of spring with a meditation gazing at a field of flowers.


Lose track of time as your mind cascades down the rocks with the water.


Take in the open blue sky with views of downtown LA and beyond while birds fly in and out of nearby trees.


Spend a few minutes with the turtles as they take in the warmth of the sun.


Let your mind dip in and out of the water as the reflection of the tree ripples and responds to life in the pond.


Clouds float above the trees as hawks soar in the distance.


Let the water rushing past provide a moment of stillness for your mind.


Nature and urban life come together as trees frame the sunset reflected on buildings.


The morning sun glides over the Formal Garden.


Find inspiration in turtles basking in the sun


Start the new year with sunshine – take a few moments to enjoy the contrast of summer lavender against the sandstone and energize your mind for a new year.


Spend a few moments at the reflection pond as fish swim past and the reflection of a magnolia tree ripples slightly on the surface.


Enjoy the view of sunset from the terrace.


The gentle hues of sunset cast a soft light on the mansion roofline.


Koi glide through the water, providing a calming journey for your mind.


Clouds drift above the mansion and hawks soar overhead.


The waterfall cascades gently into the willow pond while birds chirp in the background.


A garden wall provides the backdrop for roses bathed in morning sun.


The last water lilies of the season provide a moment of serenity.


Enjoy a few moments by the wall of fountains in Cypress Lane.


The setting sun casts shadows against trees of different shapes, offering a tranquil moment for the mind to reflect.


Spend a few moments by the fountain and let the ripples in the water provide a soothing landscape for your mind.


Watch the reflection of the setting sun in the water and experience a moment of calm.


Let the profusion of blooms on this crape myrtle bring a smile to your face.


Visit the fountain with the birds and allow your mind to wander.

Spend a few minutes with the water lilies, allowing your breath to deepen and lengthen.


Let the shade of a tree provide relief and a spot for contemplation on a warm day.


Breathe in, breathe out, and find your version of a sunny rock.


Bees are busy at work in the lavender while a fountain flows in the background.


The water flows in a steady motion as the stone face stays unchanged, providing a space for centering your mind.


Breathe and relax in the shade of oak trees.


Take a few moments at the pace of a turtle to look around and breathe.


Animals carved into the classical base of this fountain look on as water flows between levels.


A tangle of bottlebrush provides a backdrop to quiet moments in nature as butterflies, bees, and birds pass in and out of the blooms.


Gentle movements of roses, trees and clouds provide a tranquil moment against the stillness of the mansion.


Birds fly past and bees enjoy the lavender in this tranquil garden scene.


Spend a few moments by the willow pond while the sound of the water and gentle movement of the fish bring you a moment of peace.


Let the solitary turtle be your inspiration to pause and reflect.


Enjoy birds singing and the wind blowing through the cedar trees to provide today’s moment of serenity.


An Italian-garden inspired view with water fountain, lavender, and cypress trees provides a moment for your mind to wander.



The sun shines through the clouds as the water lilies sway gently in the breeze.


The courtyard fountain provides a peaceful rhythm of water for a serene moment on a sunny afternoon.


Pause for a moment by the fountain and let the movement of the birds provide a soothing escape.


Look up and enjoy the clouds gently moving overhead.


Let the peaceful rush of water wash over you and bring you a moment of calm.


One of the Cypress Lane fountains is the background to bees enjoying the lavender on a sunny afternoon.


Take a few deep breaths and let the peacefulness of the reflection pond help bring you a moment of serenity.


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