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Will Rogers Memorial Park

Located at 9650 Sunset Boulevard, Will Rogers Park opened in 1915 as the first municipal park in the City, at that time called Sunset Park. In 1926, entertainer Will Rogers was appointed first "Honorary Mayor" of Beverly Hills and, in 1952, the City renamed the Park, Will Rogers Memorial Park. Some recent improvements include:

  • Replacement of asphalt walkways with decomposed granite.
  • New energy efficient security lights.
  • An irrigation system and many new trees and plant materials.
  • Modifications to the restroom facilities.
  • Restoration of the existing retaining walls.
  • Two monument park signs. Two bronze commemorative plaques.

For information on non-commercial photo permits (engagement photos, wedding photos, family photos, etc.) at Will Rogers Memorial Park, please contact 310-285-6830 or

For information on filming and commercial photography at Will Rogers Memorial Park, please contact 310-285-2408 or

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